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Update Day #19

I was woken up at 7 this morning. I was woken up by my partner exuberantly telling me—at SEVEN AM this morning—they had scored a delivery slot with our local IGA supermarket, for next Monday, and that we had an hour in which to shop before the slot expired.

Hence waking me up at that ungodly hour. Of course, they didn’t know what to buy. So I had to tumble out of bed, hair a tangled mess. Teeth unbrushed, eyes bleary, to stare at an iPad screen and scroll through endless ‘Oh I Would Love That’ options, wondering if, after ticking all the boxes, we would actually get any of it delivered.

Twenty minutes of furious scrolling later, we filled in all our details, went to the check out, and …


Found out we have bought almost $300 worth of stuff!

Gee, Louise, do you thunk we’ll get it all? They told us AFTER we hit send and paid for all this stuff, that substitutions MAY be made. MAY? Or WILL?

I’m guessing WILL, will be the answer. I just hope we don’t end up like the woman who asked for a box of tampons, in Texas, and got delivered a box of frozen mini sausage rolls.

Like wtf … who does that? A guy I’m guessing. Mind boggling is what it is.

I’m just happy my partner will not have to go out again for some time, and do grocery shopping or, hopefully, any shopping.

And you? How are you all coping with the grocery run, or going to the pharmacy? Have you been able to go online and order, or are you trying to make do with what you already have at home?

Anyway, people, stay safe out there.

Love always,

Update Day #18

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking about how COVID could get inside …

But then I spent so many nights thinking how I was prepared
And I grew strong
And I learned how to get along …

Okay, so I prefer my lyrics, to Gloria’s right about now. And boy have I been singing this version for a while now. Especially when doing my circuits, which, by the way, my partner—who at first, had quietly sniggered at, like seeing me sitting in a straight back chair doing my bean can lifting exercises. But they’re not laughing now.

I lost weight, have gained confidence, and guess what? Now they too are self isolating at home with me, have taken to following me around the kitchen as I do circuits, singing (albeit, off-key) and chanting the let’s-get-fit mantra along with me.

Why? Because I’ve lost 28 pounds in weight and they’ve put on 5 … in only one week at home! And suddenly, it’s not so funny anymore because they’re no longer walking to and from work (an average of 15 minutes) and they realise what I’m doing just might be an answer.

Funny how we snort at what other people are doing until it dawns on us, that we too should be doing something similar. So now we’re in that age of closed down everything beyond our own four walls, including parks and the gym, what’s the next best thing?

Winging it at home. How are you winging it?

Now were did I put that Jane Fonda workout video tape from the 80s?

Stay safe out there, people.


Update Day #17

It’s Sunday, and who wants to hear more gloom and doom than is necessary? Not me, that’s for sure, so instead of worrying about what I cannot control, I need to bring my focus back into to me and mine, and things I can control. My environment where I live, what I eat, and how I spend my time, each day.

So yesterday, in between hanging out, playing cards, doing some cleaning, my partner doing a quick sortie to the grocery. I planned a four week menu based on all the tins, packets, and fresh items we have in stock. And realised, that while we have plenty of pork and chicken, plenty of eggs, we were a little deficient on other things. Namely, no beef. No ground beef, no beef pieces, ergo, no chilli, no beef bourguignon, five spice beef ragu, or African beef and peppers.

My partner skipped a whole line in my printed out instructions—yes, they need them detailed otherwise we might only have 1 egg in the fridge, and not a dozen! But, despite my best efforts, it took till this morning for me to realise, with horror, I now have four slots in my meticulously created meal plan of action … because, we have no cow in this house!

All the best laid plans just went out the window and we will now be substituting baked potatoes and or cheese quesadillas instead.

Send help, I’m going to need more peppers.

I’m now researching alternatives, as I have a lot of pasta and rice noodles, and maybe will use quick fry stir veggies dishes, Chinese or Thai style.

And you? How are you coping with meal planning, or are you just winging it by the seat of your pants? Or sneakily, ordering in?

Stay safe out there, people.


Update Day #16

I’m sat quietly at my desk with the windows open for the first time in months, feeling the slight chill of our spring air across my feet. Yes, there’s still a nip to it, but hey, what the hell. Other than a couple of trips out onto the balcony for a coffee break, I haven’t really been outside. And even if I want to, which I do, deep down inside, I won’t go out there into the wider world at large. I won’t break quarantine.

So I’ll take my moment of fresh air, where I can, and be grateful I’m still alive, the world is still here, and, in the end, hope the human race will prevail, as it’s always done since we walked out onto the savanna plains millennia ago.

We have managed on so many occasions, as a group, to defy the odds, and only now, again, under this stress and strain, coming together as ONE PEOPLE living across the beautiful green earth, can we hope to prevail again, and beat the odds one more time.

Finger pointing, assigning blame, will do nothing to elevate the sick and dying of this virus that knows no boundaries, nationality, or care what colour your skin is. I hope this is not the dividing factor that cleaves us apart and brings us to our knees, but rather a tragedy that unites us in a common cause and fight for everyone.

I so want to believe in a brighter future where we come together, and create a better world for ourselves, our families, our friends, and down along the chain that is, the human race.

Stay strong, stay positive, stay connect, and be kind in all that you do.