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Update Day #29


Today’s dilemma is a little less dramatic or exciting as yesterday’s and for that, I am thankful. For the last 3-4 weeks, like many, we have been trying to source certain items. For most people it seems to be they cannot find toilet paper. We’re okay on that count and have, by my reckoning—due to my partner’s incessant need to buy online—enough to last us well into the summer. But what we cannot find is, toothbrushes.

Yep. We had a pack of 4 and now? We only have 1 left, and I think the mice have been stealing them and selling them online, or, my partner uses a new brush far more quickly than I do. I can’t decide which it is. Either way, we’ve been looking and then, a Walmart here, in QC, had them for sale online. So, along with a bunch of other stuff we were hopeful of getting, ordered 2 four packs in anticipation.

Well, the Walmart order arrived with most of what we ordered … except the toothbrushes!


Really? I mean, come on people, who is hoarding the damn toothbrushes?

Look, I’m willing to trade you TWO TOILET rolls per toothbrush, any NEW, serviceable toothbrush. Please!

Any takers? What, four toilet rolls? Damn, you people drive a hard bargain.

But seriously, if anyone, anywhere, knows where I can lay hands on a damn toothbrush without having to pay an extra $10 PP in order to get it, let me know. We’re getting desperate here.

Meanwhile, must Google what people did to clean their teeth before the introduction of said implement.

Stay safe and try to enjoy Easter as best you can everyone, and remember, Skype and Facetime are way safer than inviting people over to celebrate and share COVID-19 with their chocolate eggs.


Apocalyptic Problems: Day #28


The utilities area is deep in an inch of water.

I have towels down soaking it up. And I’ve flipped the safety breakers on the electrics in that area; namely, the washing machine and tumble drier. Dad, you taught me well.

The plumbing guy of our maintenance staff has just been to assess the situation, and checked the intake and outflow pipes to the tub. It’s the outflow pipe that’s blocked. But the guy is in the middle of another emergency elsewhere, so he’s gone back to finish that, and to collect the right tools to deal with our problem.

Meantime, we’ve mopped up as much of the water as possible. Don’t want it tramped everywhere, nor do I want anyone electrocuted at this stage of the pandemic. That would be a weird irony, now wouldn’t it?

Talking precautions and caution. The guy arrived with full on certified face mask (good for plagues and asbestos) and 3 layers of gloves on. Policy he told us. Which was very reassuring, let me tell you. As NO ONE has crossed our door step since about February 20th. Still, partner, ever the neurotic, beat me to sanitising everything the maintenance guy touched as, well, you never know. And both of us want peace of mind.

We squeezed him, figuratively speaking, to get any news of what’s happening within our six-building complex. Like are there infections, lockdown cases in our building, or, in fact, any building. He said he didn’t know. But that the staff have to take all precautions as if every apartment they visit might contain someone with the corona virus. Which, you have to say, is very sensible.

Upshot, in the short five minutes he was here, we couldn’t get any useful information out of him. At least, not for the moment. And, I guess, we shouldn’t expect him to tattle anyway.

Well, this isn’t how we expected our day to go. And my partner was only too happy I disturbed them AFTER they had had their priority online meeting with the BIG Boss of the Regie.

Anyway, how is your day going?

Be safe out there and take care, people.


Update Day #27

Today I thought to share with you what my daily routine has become. And how I’m trying each and every day to keep to a routine in order to not only stay sane, but keep fit, eat well, and stay focused on the end; whenever that may come, two weeks, two months, or a year from now. Because, let’s face it. Even if they come up with an effective vaccine in the next couple of months, it will take 12-18 months to get through trials and go into full scale productions. Whether or not Bill Gates is building seven factories or not.

Even if we flatten the curve enough to make a dent in this, we still need to be vigilant, and think long, not short term. We need FOUR solid weeks with DECREASING numbers to be sure that the virus is being beaten back—though, not necessarily defeated. Not until we have NO new cases, can we hope to see the end in sight.

Me and mine discussed this last night and think, realistically, like many countries are predicting, it will be 18 months to 2 years before we can call this one.


  • Roll out of bed at around 7:30 am
  • Brush teeth, take blood sugar
  • Drink 2 glasses of water and take morning pre-breakfast pills
  • Shower
  • Have breakfast (8:30ish) take breakfast pills
  • Do first 5-minute circuits of kitchen
  • Have only coffee of the day, savour it sat on couch
  • Read latest news headlines
  • Do morning chores: laundry, water plants, etc.
  • 10:30 morning break & Green Tea, as tea brews do 2nd 5-min period walking
  • Spend rest of morning in bedroom office planning world domination with Green Rabbit and Matt Smith—what? Oh, okay, answering email and writing a blog post
  • Noon, lunch of whatever falls out of the bread bin and fridge
  • Brew green tea, as tea brews do 3rd 5-min period walking
  • Watch 1pm news briefing of Premier get updated on provincial status
  • Back in mini office surfing/tweeting/update Hobonichi diary, doodle
  • 2:30 tea break, 4th 5-min period walking
  • Tea out on balcony (weather permitting) absorb Vit-D not Covid!
  • 3pm back at desk planning space invasion, writing, lolly gaging, or dolly daydreaming plot scenarios
  • 4pm Moroccan mint tea break, 5th 5-min period walking
  • 4:30 – 5pm, in kitchen to plan and prep dinner
  • Dinner usually around 6pm
  • Spend evening on couch with partner
  • 7:30ish last drink of day peppermint tea, 6th 5-min period walking
  • At around 10:30 bedtime prep routine
  • In bed before 11pm

And you, do you have or try to keep to a routine of any sort, or do you just wing it?

Humour(less) Tuesday: Day #26

So, this morning’s compliment from the Other Half was, “… oh, you look like Gru, you know, from Despicable Me.”

Turns and gives blushing partner dirty look.

“Er, what I mean is … it’s what you’re wearing.” Quickly leaves room and locks self in office leaving me standing there looking at myself in the hallway mirror.

Okay, so it’s true. They’re right. I look like Gru, but with more hair. It’s the black jumper over white tee, and beneath, black leggings on a pair of skinny legs.

This is what my life has come too … I’m turning into a female, dumpier version, of Felonious Gru!

Update Day #25

It’s just coming up for noon, midday here, and I’m already exhausted. We were both up early this morning, what doesn’t help is tossing and turning all night long unable to switch off. Reason? Grocery delivery today. I never realised how such a simple thing could induce such worry in me, till now.

Why? Because of what might be brought into our apartment, unbeknown to either of us, as we unpack and stow every thing away.

So, I was wide awake at 5:30ish going over a decontamination process for our delivery, wondering (a) how to wash it all with soapy water, whether that was feasible. Or use clorex bleach wipes, and if that would make a difference. And (b) if I were over reacting? Which, quite possibly I am.

But …

The numbers have been steadily rising here, in our province. Whereas they’ve started to subside, somewhat, in other provinces, and we’re still being told the worst is yet to come. Which they told us last week, and the week before, which would be over the following, that in turn never happened.

And yet? We’re told our province has the best numbers of people staying at home, and heeding the don’t go out order. But here we are, with well over 5000 infected and almost 200 in ICU.

I know.

I know these are still good numbers compare to most, but my fevered mind at the crack of dawn wasn’t having it. And I was setting up a full-on military style decontam area at the door that even my dear dad would have been proud of, thinking of how I could implement a negative pressure space, and how to process everything.

Needless to say, by the time we both sat down for breakfast, these plans had gone out the window and my partner had talked me off the ledge. So that when the delivery guy did arrive from IGA, with 2 trolleys loads, I had relented to rubber gloves, clorex wipes, and a drying station.

We’ve put our tinned good and packets on 24 hours isolation, in the corner by the door.

And you, how are you coping with deliveries? Going all out crazy mad, or doing little or nothing?

Whatever your choices, stay safe out there, and I hope you don’t get sent ranch dressing instead of miracle whip, or baby laundry detergent instead of cold water wash!