Sunshine Saturday – Day #23

And I’m taking a break from thinking about anything beyond, what’s to eat, shall I read something, or binge watch TV? And, wow, look, it’s EIGHT whole degrees outside! Spring is finally melting the snow, and any minute, we’re expecting flowers to pop up, and our very own ground hog to amble out of the… Continue reading

Update Day #22

Last year, long before the pandemic was a thing, before China announced it had a problem, we booked a couple of concerts for here, in Québec City at the big sparkly Vidéorton Centre. One was to see Lara Fabian, a Belgian/Canadian singer who, quite frankly, has an even better set of lungs than even Céline… Continue reading

Update Day #21

DAY 21 : 3 WEEK MILESTONE Can three weeks be classed as a milestone? I don’t know. But it sure feels like it should be. And what’s even more weird is just how long March felt like. Or, as some bright spark on Twitter said, “March has been the longest decade of my life.” And… Continue reading

Update Day #20

I’ve been reminiscing, a lot, these last few days. Thinking mostly about my mum, and how she would be coping with the lockdown, organising people, cooking up large batches of food to share around the neighbourhood—as she did way back in the 70 and 80s when, at different times, there were power strikes that rolled… Continue reading

Today’s Aside

Sharing what I made yesterday afternoon, for last night’s dinner: chicken cacciatore with orzo pasta and a simple lemon drizzle cake, which tasted delicious.

Update Day #19

I was woken up at 7 this morning. I was woken up by my partner exuberantly telling me—at SEVEN AM this morning—they had scored a delivery slot with our local IGA supermarket, for next Monday, and that we had an hour in which to shop before the slot expired. Hence waking me up at that… Continue reading