On My Tombstone

She consumed books like a whale eats krill.” — Flavia de Luce

It happens once a year, usually around this time … I have the lurgy … or, as it is better known, strep throat. My head feels like it’s going to roll away under the hedge outside, and I cannot swallow even my own spit!

So you will excuse me if I take a few days off from the blog-O-sphere and go hide on the couch (in my PJs).

Normal service will resume shortly!


    • So do I, Paula, it’s a pain trying to swallow even soup. A few days pill-popping and sucking Halls should help.

  1. Get better soon Alexandra! And here I believed that an ex army was never sick! LOL OK rest and heal. xoxo

    • I’m sure a few days of quiet and rest will do the trick, along with some throat spray, Sophie. Thanks, but even being built Army-tough means getting sick occasionally. 😉

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Norrie. I’m sipping lemon and ginger Twinnings through out the day. Yesterday was bad, but today seems a fraction better. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be doing better.

    • Alexandra says

      I’m camped on the couch, Inge, along with my blankie, books, iPad, phone, TV remote and box of tissues! 😉

    • The throat is nowhere nearly as bad as it was last week, now I just have a drippy nose. I’m just glad I get my flu shot every year. 😀

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