Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

But here, inside, delightful!

Or so we tell ourselves up here, in the Frozen North, as we notch the heating dial up further.

We had record snowfall and record breaking cold throughout November. And while, for the moment at least, it’s slightly milder right now, we’re still on track for a very snowy December. Yes, it looks like we’ll have another white Christmas. Remind me, and I’ll take photos, otherwise, check out my Instagram account for photographic evidence, here: @floraincognito

The running joke here, in Québec is there’s only two seasons: July and Winter. I kid you not. As a result, Québeckers have this indecent need to throw the heating on high, or turn up the AirCon, as the handy graphic below, will show you.

So next time you complain about the weather where you are, remember me!

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Alex loves to rearrange the English language into clever sentences. Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not.


  1. He he, the table is very informative, thanks for that.

    Having lived in England for almost the last two decades, I like to split weather into wet & mild vs. really wet & mild. With that said, it hardly rained this past summer so I may need to adjust my definitions. I am certainly not holding my breath for white Christmas though. Hope you are all wrapped up and enjoying the festive feel. ❄️

    • Alexandra says

      I’m glad my little graphic made you laugh, Vera. Quebeckers really are a funny lot. It can be freezing cold outside in winter, so they go to the mall … to eat Ice Cream! Ha! Ha!

      Ah, yes, the lovely British weather. Oh how I miss it … sometimes. 😉

      At least at the moment we have all the winter markets on, so lots of hot, spiced, mulled wine to drink. Yummy!

      • One of my favourite moments last week whilst visiting my family was to walk around Christmas markets with some of my relatives. My niece, who is just over two years old was so taken by everything – it was so wonderful to witness. I love winter markets and all those lovely smells I associate them with. Enjoy them! ❄️

        • Alexandra says

          I know what you mean, we make it a family affair here too. We all went for the fun as much as the market. And it’s the hot wine, or apple spiced cider, or the roasted chestnuts, or waffles … we literally eat and drink our way around as the kids run riot. They have a hut with activities indoors for them, and then, there’s all the singing and a puppet theatre here too. So something for all the family!

  2. Haha! Well, it’s July here all year round! But I would chose hot over cold anytime! I don’t do well in the cold! Interestingly, did you know that most of my friends and relatives have emigrated and I’m one of the last of my kin to stay behind ‘cos I can’t take cold weather!!??

    • Ha! Ha! I never said I liked the cold either, Veronica. I would swap and move to where you live to have that eternal July weather. Just not the size of the spiders. 😉

      And I’m surprised your friends and family moved to the cold. Stay where you are, and keep warm!

  3. Ah, it does sound frightful! But at the same time it’s pretty too. I saw your pics on insta <3
    I can't take cold temperatures. When i moved to the UK i was kinda happy with the weather, cuz it never turned -25C like back home. Now i don't even know how i even lived there cuz i'm freezing here all the time. I think it's cuz of the wind, or i dunno, i became a wimp 😀

    • We swing from minus 6 to minus 16 in a day, here, Norrie. And this is only December. It runs to minus 25-30 during late January through February! Oh, and they have a 19 day winter fest that starts at the end of January, to encourage everyone to go outside. They’re all bonkers here. 😉

      I hear the weather in the UK is getting pretty erratic these days, going to the extremes (for the UK that is). I do miss the wimpy weather. Hey, where did you move from, Poland?

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