THE LAST WORDScience Fiction

Everyone is looking for something. Answers. The truth. A meaning to life. With Deborah Levy it became anonymity. She searched out the furthest corners of the globe, and went into hiding. She wasn’t hiding from just herself and the burden of guilt she still carried over the death of Ruth. She was hiding because of the knowledge she carried in her head. Knowledge that, if given the light of day, could have dangerous ramifications.

Ramifications which Colonel Darius Jedburgh was only too aware of. He knew the minute his boss walked into the office and announced he was to go on a ‘fishing trip,’ it meant one thing. The two operatives on shadow duty had failed to keep track of their charge’s movements and had in fact lost her. The eel had effectively slipped the net and was back in play. And more, no one knew exactly where she was. And if she were back in play, Darius knew, she was vulnerable. Very vulnerable. And if she was exposed, then so too was the whole Project.

When Susan Bernstein, an American reporter with the New York Times on sabbatical in Israel finds herself in the company of Deborah, little does she realize where their friendship will lead them and, just what will be asked of her in the name of that friendship. If she thought to search out a quiet place to find out more about herself, it certainly wasn’t that she would become a destroying angel. Or, that she would have to make the dire choice between the life of one, and the lives of millions.