ELEMENTAL — Science Fiction

Azrael is crossing the galaxy looking for the original Atom—the one She, his Creator—breathed the Word of Power into and, in doing so, brought forth all of creation. He needs that Atom to undo what has been done, and end His twisted existence, even if that means the complete destruction of the Universe.

Dara, an Elemental captured by Azrael and being used to find the first Atom, sacrifices her life in order to leave a message for her daughter to find. However, will her sacrifice be enough?

Fiery Elemental, Arianrhod, is chaffing at the inaction of the Council of Elementals, and finds herself all but banished to the far reaches of Bright Worlds space. The ship she Captains, the Kigva, is on patrol with a tiny flotilla of Space Fleet’s leftovers when a desolate moon explodes in the Dead Zone. Arianrhod goes to investigate, but can the broken woman she finds on the shattered moon, offer up any clues. In a deadly race against time, Arianrhod tries to unravel the enigma that is Morgaine in the hope of finding answers.