I’ve written any number of novels over the years, mostly for my own benefit and, as one would think, a means of learning my craft. Most of those early drafts never saw the light of day. Writing has, if nothing else, helped me hone my story-telling skills, never mind been an outlet for my over-active imagination.

I hope you enjoy these stories and excerpts, and don’t forget to check out the SERIALS.

  • COME THE INQUISITOR — Science Fiction
  • GEOMETRY OF SHADOWS — Science Fantasy
  • DECEPTION POINT — Crime Fiction
  • ELEMENTAL — Science Fiction
  • THE ENVOY — Historical Drama
  • JUDE: HIGHWAY OF TEARS — Supernatural
  • KALI’S DAUGHTER — Science Fiction
  • KATE’S LAMENT — Crime Fiction
  • THE LAST WORD — Science Fiction