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New Arrivals!

Oh how I love getting parcels through the post from my favourite online bookseller: Indigo/Chapters.

The three books I ordered have arrived, and I now have a great slate of titles to read and review, in March. The new arrivals are all installments of various serials. The Liar is the one Steve Cavanagh I haven’t read, other than his soon to be released, Twisted! I’ve been watching two drama shows on TV, The Coroner on CBC, which is inspired by the Jenny Cooper series by Matthew Hall, hence wanting to read the books. And Cardinal, which is inspired by Giles Blunt’s series. I can’t wait for someone to do a show of Cavanagh’s Eddie Flynn series.

  • THE LIAR by Steve Cavanagh [Eddie Flynn #3]
  • A LIFE TO KILL by Matthew Hall [Jenny Cooper #7]
  • FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW by Giles Blunt [John Cardinal #1]

I also started reading Shell Game, the latest V. I. Warshawski novel by Sara Paretsky this week and, all being well, should finish that one later today. Which means, of course, I should have a review posted in the next few days: If not tomorrow, then definitely for Monday.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a book to go and finish reading.


  1. Oooh, nice! Happy reading!
    I have the Eddie Flynn books on my wishlist and planning to get them once they go on sale 🙂

    • Alexandra says

      March is shaping up to be a really good reading month, with some fab books on my TBR pile. So yeah, I’m excited.

      Oh, and the Eddie Flynn books are excellent. I’m really loving them.

  2. I love receiving books as well! Enjoy those new arrivals. 🙂 Happy reading. 🙂

    • Alexandra says

      I think we all do, Vera! 😀 It’s like Christmas but without the snow … oh, no, wait, we still have the snow! Ha! Ha!

      But seriously, thanks, and I will.

    • This is part of my haul for reading in March.

      Oh, and definitely, Inge, you should check him out. I love his writing and Eddie! 😀

  3. I see some of your favorite authors here Alexandra! Happy reading! PS if you head over to today’s discussion post you’ll se that you inspired me LOL

    • I saw, thank you, Sophie. Nothing like being opinionated, right? 😀 But it started a good dialogue with some interesting comments and points of view.

  4. And they ship so quickly!
    Have you read Giles Blunt before? I have one of his books, but haven’t read it.

    • Oh, indeed, Naomi. We now order our books from them rather than Amazon, and because they come Canada Post too. Far more reliable.

      And no, this is my first Blunt. I wanted to read his books after seeing the show, which I love. So well done. Like THE CORONER. See, I am trying to read more Canadian content. 😀

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