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My Latest Book-Haul!

Just look what arrived in the post today! Squeee … book heaven!

And there is more on the way …


  1. Squee indeed!
    I hope you’ll like Silent Girls <3
    I also got Scythe recently. Still debating whether i should jump on it right away, cuz i have so many series i started already but haven't finished yet.

    • Yeah, Silent Girls was bought because of one of your reviews. So I might do that one next, given all the SF stuff I’ve been absorbing lately. But first, I have to finish Orphan Brigade.

      Maybe we should do a SCYTHE buddy-read, what do you think? Ha! Ha!

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, you and the rest of us, Inge. 😀

      And yes, thanks, I will!

  2. I get super excited when I know I’m receiving a book in a post. I tend to read digital and getting the physical copy is always a little Christmas for me!
    Nice trio! I have been eyeing Scythe for so long now. It’s very high on my wish list,
    Happy reading!

    • Alexandra says

      Even though I shop regularly at the bookstore, there’s something fun, as you say, about getting as Inge calls it “bookpost”. It’s Christmas and birthday all at the same time!

      A few people have already read and reviewed SCYTHE, which is why I got myself a copy given it sounds really intriguing.

      I’m looking forward to having a long weekend reading, Vera. You too!

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