Montreal ComicCon: Day 2

Saturday at the ComicCo, saw us cram in three guest panels in what was a very long day. The first was the absolutely lovely Lana Parrilla—who played the Evil Queen, as well as Mayor Regina Mills, and, by season seven, Roni, in the TV series, Once Upon A Time.

From Lana we had a small break before the next guests, The 100s: Bellamy, Clarke and Echo, or, Bob Morely, Eliza Taylor, and Tasya Teles, took centre stage. Funny how the only one who looked remote like his onscreen character, Bellamy, was Bob Morely!

We literally had time to exit stage left from the 100’s panel, head for a bathroom break before we then had to queue for the next guest, Tom Felton—yes, Harry Potter’s bad boy, Draco Malfoy! And, after watching this young man charm and beguile the crowd, I am a huge fan! Oh, and he sings as well … he serenaded us with 3 of his own compositions. All I can say is if you ever get the chance to see him up on stage, go. He’s sassy, smart, funny and self-deprecating.


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