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Montreal ComicCon 2019

We finally booked our tickets for the Montreal ComicCon—for the weekend of July 5 to 7. And I can’t wait, as the line up of guests for this year is amazing:

  • William Shatner — Star Trek
  • Lana Parrilla — Once Upon A Time
  • Eliza Taylor — The 100
  • Tom Welling — Smallville / Lucifer
  • Michael Rosenbaum — Smallville
  • Alan Tudyk — Firefly / Star Wars
  • Ray Park — Star Wars
  • Anson Mount — Inhumans / Star Trek: Discovery
  • Ethan Peck — Star Trek: Discovery
  • James Phelps — Harry Potter
  • Oliver Phelps — Harry Potter

We’ve seen William Shatner a couple of times at previous Cons, so if there are any scheduling conflicts I’m sorry, Bill, but we’ll take a pass. Especially as we’re all fired up to see Lana Parrilla—the Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time—and Eliza Taylor—Clarke Griffin from The 100. We know it’s important to remember, that we might not get to see everyone, so we always make sure we pick beforehand and schedule accordingly.

As experienced ComicCon goers, we know what to expect, and it’s always chaotic dashing from one Guest to another, with only 10-15 minutes (if you’re lucky) in which to get to a different floor/room, and squeeze in a trip to the bathroom at the same time with hundreds of other Con-goers. We’ve learnt where the best bathrooms are on every floor.

Con Survival tips include wearing as little as possible, carrying as little as possible, or if anything, making sure it’s the bare minimum. And always having plenty of change, your phone, one credit card, and a bottle of water. You can always refill at every pit-stop between events. The important thing is to make sure we hydrate constantly, because of the heat, and eat a hearty breakfast at the hotel before getting to the Con—that one is a given.

Now all I have to do is be patient enough to wait for July to come around, and hope our star guests don’t cancel in the meantime. And yes, we’ve had that happen to us before now when Matt Smith—Doctor Who Number 11—couldn’t make it last minute.

Fingers crossed!


    • Alexandra says

      We have done a few over the years, Jonetta. Both ComicCons and Star Trek themes conventions, and really enjoyed ourselves. Rest assured I shall try to live blog and share plenty of photos! 😀

  1. It seems to me that we will both have our “comic con” in July Alexandra as YALC London doubles with a comic con!

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, you’re doing YALC, Sophie? You too are doing a lot of conventions then. 😀

      They are great fun, but, very expensive with all the travelling, and hotel and tickets. So we try to do them 1-2 every few years.

  2. Sounds fun!
    Like Jonetta, i’ve never been to anything like this.
    The closest i went to was a video game expo thing, that was kinda meh tho. :/ Very peopley also 😀

    • Oh, this is going to be way Peopley, as you say, tens of thousands over the three days due to the sheer number of guest that attend these things. It’s a crazy 3 days, but worth it to meet some of these TV stars. I shall be documenting it each day eh, hopefully!

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