LOL and OMG Toll the Death-knell of the English Language

Really? I don’t think so.

English is one of those languages that begs, borrows and downright steals from other languages to the point of stalking them down dark alleys. Where, before hitting them over the head with a dangling participle, rifles through a language’s pockets in search of any word it thinks it can get away with. It doesn’t care whether it’s bright, shiny, and new, or if it is dog-eared and long since forgotten. The only criteria is, can I use it?

You have to remember, languages live by adapting or die by stagnating. English (and yes, we’ll include American, Canadian and Australian English here too) knows this and isn’t above grand theft and petty larceny in the verbiage world at large.

So, to any and all of you out there bemoaning the death-knell of the English language when reading announcements that the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) has once again added new and controversial words to its pages. Ask yourselves, do we speak the same language of Shakespeare, or even the Victorians? Could you imagine a dapper-dressed Victorian saying, “By Jove, I better Google that, or check that fact on Bing.” Eh, of course not, nor do we, in our time, go around asking, “doth thine eyes, of palest emerald, beseech the heavens

Hell, no!

We speak and write a vibrant, living, growing, transforming language that is constantly in flux and adapting to the changing needs of those using it.

And to that, I say, hallelujah!

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  1. September 19, 2018

    Amen! I’ve just learnt that each other and one another can now be interchangeably used and ‘whom’ is now obsolete! And so is the use of semicolons. Yayyyyy!

    • September 19, 2018

      Language should be transformative, and if it doesn’t change (IMHO) it stagnates. I can see that in action here, where I live, in Quebec.

      English, on the other hand, steals from everybody, and has morphed so many times Shakespeare wouldn’t recognise it anymore. 😀

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