Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers


1st To Die — James Patterson
2nd Chance — James Patterson
14th Colony, The — Steve Berry


A Great Reckoning — Louise Penny
A Cold Day for Murder — Dana Stabenow
A Darker Place — Laurie R. King
A Darkness More Than Night — Michael Connelly
A Time to Kill — John Grisham
A Trick of the Light — Louise Penny
A Twist of the Knife — Becky Masterman
Abomination, The — Jonathan Holt
Alter of Bones — Philip Carter
Alter of Eden — James Rollins
Amazonia — James Rollins
Ancient Curse — Massimo Manfredi
Angels & Demons — Dan Brown
Archangel — Robert Harris
Art of Deception — Laurie R. King
Available Dark — Elizabeth Hand


Bare Bones — Kathy Reichs
Beautiful Mystery, The — Louise Penny
Beggar’s Opera, The — Peggy Blair
Bible of Clay, The — Julia Navarro
Black Fall — Andrew Mayne
Blacklist — Sara Paretsky
Blood Line — Lynda Le Plante
Blood Loss — Alex Barclay
Blood Work — Michael Connelly
Bodyguard of Lies — Robert Doherty
Bones to Ashes — Kathy Reichs
Bottoms, The — Joe R. Lansdale
Break no Bones — Kathy Reichs
Brutal Telling, The — Louise Penny
Bury Your Dead — Louise Penny


Chalk Pit, The — Elly Griffiths
Chill of Night, The — James Hayman
Cross Bones — Kathy Reichs
Cruellest Month, The — Louise Penny
Codex, The — Douglas Preston
Confessor, The — Daniel Silva
Critical Mass — Sara Paretsky
Cuban Affair, The — Nelson deMille
Cutaway, The — Christina Kovac


Da Vinci Code, The — Dan Brown
Dead Cold — Louise Penny
Deadly Decisions — Kathy Reichs
Death Du Jour — Kathy Reichs
Deception Point — Dan Brown
Deep Blue Trouble — Steph Broadribb
Deep Down Dead — Steph Broadribb
Deep Fathom — James Rollins
Defence, The — Steve Cavanagh
Dejá Dead — Kathy Reichs
Demolition Angel — Robert Crais
Detachment, The — Barry Eisler
Devil’s Country, The — Harry Hunsicker
Digital Fortress — Dan Brown
Dime, The — Kathleen Kent
Dry, The — Jane Harper


Eight, The — Katherine Neville
Emperor of Ocean Park, The — Stephen L. Carter
Evil Games — Angela Marson
Excavation — James Rollins
Extraordinary People — Peter May


Fallout — Sara Paretsky
Fatal Voyage — Kathy Reichs
Fish, Blood and Bone — Leslie Forbes (Unfinished)
Flash & Bone — Kathy Reichs
Foolproof — Barbara D’Amato
Force of Nature — Jane Harper
Formula of Deception — Carrie Stuart Parks
Foucalt’s Pendulum — Umberto Eco
Four Blind Mice — James Patterson


Garment of Shadows — Laurie R. King
Glass Houses — Louise Penny
Grave Secrets — Kathy Reichs
Guardians of the Covenant, The — Tom Egeland


Hard Times — Sara Paretsky
Her Every Fear — Peter Swanson
Historian, The — Elizabeth Kostova
Hong Kong — Stephen Coonts
Hunt for Red October, The — Tom Clancy


Ice Cold — Tess Gerritsen
Ice Hunt — James Rollins
Impact — Douglas Preston
Informationist, The — Taylor Stevens
Inside Out — Barry Eisler


Judgement Day — Jane Jensen
Judas Strain, The — James Rollins


Kill Artist, The — Daniel Silva
Killing Orders — Sara Paretsky


Labyrinth — Kate Mosse
Library of The Dead — Glenn Cooper
Lockdown — Laurie R. King
Long Way Home, The — Louise Penny
Lost Symbol, The — Dan Brown


Map of Bones — James Rollins
Mask of Atreus, The — A. J. Hartley
Missing Informant, The — Anders de la Motte
Monday Mourning — Kathy Reichs
Moscow Deception, The — Karen Robards
Murder Stone, The — Louise Penny
My Sister’s Grave — Robert Dugoni


Nature of the Beast, The — Louise Penny
Night Work — Laurie R. King


Poison Pawn, The — Peggy Blair
Prime Suspect — Lynda Le Plante
Proving Ground, The — Peter Blauner


Rage Against The Dying — Becky Masterman
Red Moth, The — Sam Eastland
Red Rabbit — Tom Clancy
Red Pole of Macau, The — Ian Hamilton
Remembrance Day — Henry Porter
Rogue Angel: Destiny — Alex Archer
Rogue Angel: Forbidden City — Alex Archer
Rogue Angel: Solomon’s Jar — Alex Archer
Rogue Angel: The Chosen — Alex Archer
Rogue Angel: The Spider Stone — Alex Archer
Romanov Prophecy, The — Steve Berry
Rule of Four, The — Ian Caldwell


Sanctus — Simon Toyne
Sandstorm — James Rollins
Saving Faith — David Baldacci
Secrets of State — Matthew Palmer
Silenced, The — Anders de la Motte
Silent Girl, The — Tess Gerritsen
Silent Scream — Angela Marsons
Southern Cross — Patricia Cornwall
Spider Bones — Kathy Reichs
Spy Who Came In Out of The Cold, The — John le Carré
Still Life — Louise Penny
Subterranean — James Rollins
Sweetness at the bottom of the pie, The — Alan Bradley
Sworn To Silence — Linda Castello


They Came to Bagdad — Agathe Christie
Thirteen — Steve Cavanagh
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy — John Le Carre
To Play The Fool — Laurie R. King
Total Recall — Sara Paretsky


Vendetta Defense, The — Lisa Scottoline


Whisperer, The — Donato Carrisi
Wicked Girls — Alex Marwood
Witch of Babylon, The — D. J. McIntosh
With Child — Laurie R. King
Woman who married a Bear, The — John Straley