Let’s Go Riopelle!

In complete contrast to the Miro “art” we saw on Thursday, we also took in a number of the fixed exhibits, my favourite being the huge canvases of Jean-Paul Riopelle. I love certain aspects of this Québec (Montreal-born) artist’s work, whose abstract expressionism is, again, a kind of art you either love or dislike, intently.

So, what do you think, do you like his style?


    • Alexandra says

      You feel like each panel tells a story, Sophie, so yeah, I think the colours and style appeal to more people, as we can all see something different in each one. I know I do.

      Oh, and you know, I’m a big fan of René Magritte, I wrote a whole paper on him at college! 😉

  1. Love it! First row middle picture is my fave <3
    Didn't know this artist before (applies to most artists tbh… haha), but i love this style.

    • Alexandra says

      The ferns and the snow, with the snow geese? It really say everything about Quebec in winter. 😀 And Riopelle is the local hero here, more known probably in North America maybe? Dunno, I just love all the birds and colour. Sooo very different from the Miro exhibit, right?

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