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Journalling Disaster #2

Today, we watched our Premiere live, on TV, updating Quebeckers about the state of affairs here, in our province. Giving us the breakdown of what the provincial government is doing in the battle to keep the corona virus at bay. Urging all Quebeckers to try to limit their outside contact with others to an absolute minimum, and go to do groceries only when necessary. Asking us to order food via supermarket’s website, for delivery. The same with prescriptions, for our safety and well being.

All this as the virus races its way across the planet, exploding in pockets of various populations with dire consequences.

This especially, as of today, we have our first 4 confirmed cases of virus here, in Québec City. It hits home. This isn’t happening elsewhere. This isn’t happening just to others, far from here. It’s here. And everything we can do to help emergency services and, the rest of our fellow citizens, is up to us.

We, need to be mindful. WE need to be careful of others. WE need to be the solution, not part of the problem. And above all, WE need to listen and follow what’s being asked of us, in order that WE all survive this as best we can.

So please, do YOUR part, and think of others as you would your own family and friends.

Now, Justin, please, please, for everyone’s sake and benefit: CLOSE THE BORDERS!

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We should have acted across the globe the minute everyone knew the full extent in Wuhan, Jonetta. And not waited for the WHO to decide what’s a pandemic and what’s not.

As we did here, Jonetta. I’m ex-military. We went out and bought a few extra supplies weeks before the panic here, in NA broke. We were good to go from the get go. But the WHO erred too far, I think, on the side of caution. And look what that’s done?

Oh, well, nothing like being in the ‘know’ then. I guess too much info though can be just as frightening as too little. I just hope he’s staying safe too, amid all this.

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