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Journalling Disaster #1

They’re telling us to stay at home. They’re telling us to try limit interaction outside, stay 1 metre away at all times, where possible. Don’t go to the shops unless it’s really necessary. Stock up on a week or two essentials—HINT: do not hoard, i.e., toilet rolls (even if we could find any).

If someone appears sick in your household, make sure everywhere is disinfected on a regular basis. And hang tight and wait it out … until you know one way or another if said person has flu/cold or is really sick.

And if you take drugs, make sure you have a month’s extra supply on hand.

I can do everything that’s been asked of me, I can stay at home. I can work from home. I relish being isolated (to a point) and have no problem with my own company. But here’s my sticking point. I phoned the pharmacy this morning to check about getting my next month’s supply of drugs—drugs I need to stay alive—and here’s what they told me.


But, I said, the Premiere said … doesn’t matter what he said. Doesn’t work that way. Because I can only reorder on or after the third week into my cycle, as in, when I have one week’s supply left, and no sooner, otherwise the Insurance doesn’t cover costs. Meaning, I could fork over $300, or I can wait another week.

Guess who has to wait.

I’m just grateful that neither of us is ill at the moment, and hope it stays that way from exercising an abundance of caution.

Stay safe out there, Folks!

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Alex I hope they’ll have your drug when you’ll be allowed to reniew it! Stay safe!!!

So do I, Sophie. I take 5 different meds, and two are life-saving without which I will be in big trouble. Never mind Covid-19! But I’m sure everything will be fine.

Thanks, Sweetie, we will. And that’s the blessing that we are all stocked up anyway. And it seems I can get my drugs delivered, which is even better, right? 🙂

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