STEPH BROADRIBB : Crime Fiction Author

Steph Broadribb states on her website that she’s a woman who leads not just a double life, but a triple life — By day I’m a corporate suit, but by night (and early morning) I’m a writer, avid reader, and book reviewer of all things crime thriller.”

DEEP DOWN DEAD, her debut novel and, can I just say, an absolute cracking-paced crime thriller, is reviewed HERE. I could almost smell the burnt rubber on the asphalt the pacing is that fast.

KATHLEEN KENT : Crime & Historical Fiction Author

Thankfully for those of us who love their crime fiction, Dallas-based author, Kathleen Kent, has taken a break from writing historical fiction to bring us a new series, and a new heroine to get behind. In her latest novel, THE DIME, Kent introduces us to Betty Rhyzyk, a smart, gutsy, and slightly unconventional detective from Brooklyn who transfers into the narcotics division, of Dallas PD.