iMac, We Mac, No Mac

And so, it came to pass … 

As regular readers know, we recently bought a new, shiny iMac from our local Apple store. But what many don’t know is why. It wasn’t because we’re rich and thought, ‘hey, let’s own two iMacs!’

We bought the new one because Houston, our stalwart workhorse for the last 10 years (yes, we’ve had him since early 2009) was beginning to show his age, and to our ears, complaining of said age. He was getting forgetful too. Which made us both very nervous, I can tell you. The odd and slightly disturbing noises were the worst. 

His hard drive was sounding odd … wonky. Like his once valiant heart was given out from too many revs. His Brian slowly fragmenting so that collating saved data was becoming a strain. 

All this after doing our best to always run the right programs to keep his HD in good working order. But, alas, time took its toll.

Sometime, over night between Saturday and Sunday morning, Houston passed away, quietly, in his sleep.

Maybe it was that hour change that did in his HD, as the clock going back an hour was just one step too much for him. Who knows. 

We did everything in our power all Sunday morning to revive him. We went through every available troubleshooting article we could find to find a solution. Nothing worked. Houston’s HD, the heart of the machine he is, was, could not be revived let alone accessed. 

That magical sound of him waking every morning is now muted, and gone forever.

Salut Houston, you served us well.

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  1. November 9, 2018

    It still amazes me how long those old Macs last. Nearly 10 years is so impressive given how likes of Dell etc would lasted only a few years or so back then. Loved your tribute to Houston ❤️ Have you named your new one yet?

    • Alexandra
      November 9, 2018

      We too were surprised he lasted so long as well, Vera. I sometimes suspect that these companies make their products to last only a certain length of time, so to have been using him for so long is something of a miracle.

      In fact, we’re taking him this afternoon to see if we can get the HD (his heart) replaced or not. I hope so. But, of course, it depends too on costs.

      No, funnily enough, we haven’t named the new mac yet. Maybe I should ask for name suggestions? ☺️

      • November 9, 2018

        Oh, fingers crossed Houston’s HD is repairable!!

        I think you could do a blog post featuring a poll on those names. ☺️☺️☺️

        • November 9, 2018

          We took him in to the Computer shop this morning, Vera, and were told they’d call with news. They have to check and see what’s damaged, before we’ll know for sure if he can be repaired, or renewed.

          Oh, now why didn’t I think of that? A naming post/poll!

  2. November 7, 2018

    Aww, poor Houston! <3
    I was thinking about upgrading my pc recently, cuz i saw some shiny new video games i want to try but my current set up won't really run it. * sigh *

    • November 7, 2018

      Yeah, we had Houston a long time, and to be honest, I was surprised he lasted 10 years. So I guess it was time we upgraded. The trouble is, we no long have a CD drive and cannot play any of our games or load up our legally bought music, which is a pain in the arse!

      Good luck with your upgrade, if you buy.

  3. RIP Houston, may he rest in peace and may you remember the good times you had with him

    • November 6, 2018

      Indeed, Inge. Hopefully, we’re looking at a refurbished and or new HD.

  4. November 6, 2018

    Bwahahaha Alexandra I love how you made “it” sound alive. It reminds me of an ad on the radio for a car and it’s going like this: “You came with us everywher: to gram, to the sea. You were always loyal and helped us all the time. But then you began coughing too much. You smoked too much and we could not help you anymore. (all this told by a woman with tears in her voice). That’s why we took you to Ford and bought a now model”. LOL

    • November 6, 2018

      Exactly, Sophie! I wanted to make this post about Houston’s passing humorous enough to make the reader smile, while telling as a tale of daring do!

      We were both really upset that he’s died, not least of which we think we still hadn’t transferred everything from his HD. Now, we’ll never know.

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