i Watch, You Watch, They Watch …

Or, the saga of the expanding batteries in iWatches!

I bought an iWatch way back in 2016 because, you know, I so wanted to be Dick Tracy well, maybe not the man himself as, after all, he was a comic-book character. But the idea that I could talk to my watch and have it linked to various items as if I lived in the actual 21st century was, well, alluring (yes, I know, we’re supposed to be living in the 21 century now, but you wouldn’t know it sometimes).

Anyway, to make a short story even longer, the batteries on iWatches, or at least, so far as I know, the 1st generation watches, like mine, have an inherent problem. When they overheat the battery expands (supposedly a safety feature) popping the watch face up. I guess to vent steam or alert us to the fact the battery has over heated.

Safety feature it may be, but waking up to find your very expensive watch has popped its top to cool down is, to say the least, shocking. You sit there for a good twenty minutes, staring at your watch brain stalled in panic mode. Wondering what the hell’s going on, and, is it fixable!

Once the urge to sob finally subsides the logical part of the brain kicks in, and tells you to check online at Apple. And yes, sure enough iWatches the world over have been over heating and doing exactly what mine did. And more, my watch is just within the 3 years limit for the repair or replacement extended warranty from Apple.


Feeling a moment of relief, I took my watch into the nearest Apple branch and did the spiel to at least 3 different people before someone smiled, took my watch, packaged it in nice made to fit Apple packaging—like they knew about this problem for years, having created specific packaging for it—and sent my watch to be repaired in Ontario.

That was six days ago. And, despite an email the following day from the shop saying my watch repair was done, and they would let me know within 1-2 days to come and collect it. I’ve heard nothing since.

Now, the question is, do I cave and go into the shop today and look like a lost puppy, or do I hang on for the rest of the week? Sigh!

I need chocolate. I need lots of chocolate.

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  1. June 24, 2019

    Ah, how annoying… :/
    I usually try my hardest to avoid having to talk to people, so just keep on emailing them 😀 But i have to admit, it’s usually faster face to face…

    • Alexandra
      June 24, 2019

      It was heartbreaking to say the least, Norrie … that is, till I discovered the replacement policy! So all that talking paid off, as this weekend I got my absolutely NEW Apple iWatch. I’m one happy camper. 😀

  2. So not very patient are you ;-)? I get it though that you want it back as soon as you can. I hope they fixed it and you’ll always be on time everywhere now! No fancy iwatch thingies for me… I’m still old school, mine only tells time :-).

    • June 17, 2019

      Oh, you have no idea, Inge. I’m terrible and can be a child when my favourite toy has been taken away from me! 🙂

      Yeah, I have a couple of watches too, that just tell me the time. But my iWatch has become a great tool for me, counting calories and steps, waking me up in the morning (quietly) and telling me when I need to check my email, among many things!

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