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I Swear by God!

My poor suffering partner goes to work every day, next door, in our crowded little office. And spends their day working in Microsoft TEAMS, doing meetings with people who are supposed to be AGILE working in a SCRUM, finding solutions for problems usually caused by someone’s lack of knowledge in any given area. And it drives them crazy.

Out of the 24 people in the team, twenty have daily excuses as to why they haven’t achieved their small part and then, it falls to my partner to pick up the slack, or explain to their bosses further up the food chain, why something hasn’t been done, by X days or weeks. Herding cats would be easier!

Let’s just say they have all but worn out the MUTE button on their fancy headset (bought for their birthday in June) as they push it what seems like, every other minute. This so the others in their online group chat cannot hear my partner, once again, SWEAR!

I have learnt by rote every possible Quebecois swear word known to man, woman, and beast, here in our humble province. And then some. We have been cruising online to find even more colourful words in other languages, in order to save the MUTE button from further abuse. Especially after said partner FORGOT in a moment of utter despair, and swore, LIVE, for all to hear, to much nervous and, dare I say, embarrassed tittering.

So, dear reader, if you know of a nice juicy obscure swear word we can safely use, please add it to our vocabulary by way of the comments form below. We appreciate your input.



4 comments on “I Swear by God!

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    Oh mine would be in French so I think you’d be well aware of it Alex!

    • Alex

      Ha! Ha! Yes, indeed, Sophie. We know most French swear words. Merde always being a favourite! 😉

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    Welsh was apparently a very fruity language until the English invaded a few centuries ago and banned the locals from speaking their native language. Sadly, there are very few true Welsh swear words surviving these days but there are some really imaginative insults. My particular favourite is: Mochin Pen Llyffant – which roughly translated means Frog Headed Pig! 🐸🐷

    So there’s my contribution. You’re very welcome! 😂

    • Alex

      Oh, yes, my sister in law use to swear like a trooper, but explained to me that it was fun stuff like you’re an idiot’s butt crack. Yes, she was from Cardiff but still, knew some colourful Welsh too.

      So thank you, this brings back some fond memories of trips to Wales. Especially for the rugby!

      And this week, it’ll be Frog headed Pig, thanks to you. Which, under the circumstances, is quite apt, don’t you think? 😉

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