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Happy News

Amid this unfolding horror, I have one bright piece of news on my health. In that, since February 19th, 4 weeks today, I have lost TWENTY-FIVE (25 lb) by cutting out extra sugar from my diet!

So happy!

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It’s good to hear some cheerful news. Well done, Alexandra. It’s surprising just how difficult it can be to cut sugar out of your diet as it seems to be added to just about everything. I’ve avoided sugar for the past eight years and it definitely makes a difference. Sadly, I’m rather fond of cheese. Need I say more? 🧀😋

I tried a few years back and lasted I think a couple of weeks. But this time around, I am determined. And know it can be done, but yes, it’s really hard! It’s definitely a quiet addiction, and up there with crack and heron, ciggies and booze. It takes a will power I never thought I had, but surprised myself. And the numbers tell a story.

And yes, there is so much hidden sugar in food items that don’t need to be there, it’s shocking when you start looking.

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