Happy Birthday Québec City

Yesterday, we got up early and went to watch the Birthday Celebrations in front of the Town Hall here, in Québec City. As yesterday, July 3rd, is the city’s birthday. Québec City turned 411 yesterday, and She doesn’t look a day over 400! Ha! Ha!

Every year the 22nd Regiment troops the colours (as they’re stationed here) in salute to the city, and we were there for it all. I’ll spare you the 5 minute video. Instead, here are a couple of snapshots.

The city was also celebrating being twinned with the Belgium city of Namur—BIG shout out to Sophie! So, of course, there were bands, juggling, Fools dressed in costume and … CHOCOLATE! Yes, lots of it. Anyway, we almost died from heat-stroke, as it was 35 in the heat of the sun. But managed to find some shade in order to watch the “Fools” do their dance through the fountains.

And, as an added bonus, here’s a short video of them dancing!


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  1. July 5, 2019

    Aw damn, those poor dudes in the furry hat! :/
    Looks like fun otherwise 🙂 Everything is so clean and pretty!

    • Alexandra
      July 9, 2019

      Yeah, we say the same thing every time we catch the parade. The weight of all that gear in 35+ degree temps. I’m surprised no one passes out.

      QC is a really clean city in comparison to many. They seem to employ a well-paid bunch of street cleaners, but then, this is a small city. Think Swiss chocolate box kind of place. 😀

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