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Global Citizen, Day #37

Today, like so many, I’m celebrating the Global Citizen initiative honouring all the frontline and essential workers, across the planet!


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  1. Avatar

    We’ve just been watching Katherine Jenkins live from her living room. She’s performed every Saturday for five weeks via her Facebook page and promises to continue until lockdown ends. She’s a true Welsh heroine! 😃

    We’ll probably watch One World Together tomorrow as it will be 1am here when it kicks off. It reminds me so much of Live Aid. Enjoy! 🎵

    • Alex

      Thanks, Paula, it’s been on in the background for most of the afternoon, yes, while we wait for the main event tonight. Enjoy it if you get to see it tomorrow.

      Oh, and I absolutely love Katherine Jenkins, she’s a great soprano. I have an album of hers which, incidentally enough, I haven’t played in a long while. Enjoy!

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