Free eZines

So while everyone else is visiting family and friends, and or eating their Easter Eggs, I’ve been hard at work creating. No, not havoc, though I have been known to do a bit of that on the side. No, I’ve been creating a couple of free, (yes, FREE) eZines for your reading enjoyment.

In Review will be a quarterly round-up of the best-of reviews and interviews from the website. While Fiction Me is a collection of my short fiction previously published elsewhere, that I’m offering as a collected work.

I will also be soliciting reviews, news and interviews from you, Dear Reader, for future instalments of In Review. So, should you want to contribute, let me know. I’ll be posting further details on the eZine page soon.


  1. That’s the greatest idea EVER!!!!! And I love the pictures you are using! Where did you get them? And also of course count me in! I love challenges and trying new things

    • Aw, you are a sweetheart, Sophie. Thank you for saying so. And I’d be delighted to share some of your reviews and or articles, in the next issue.

  2. Back with another comment now that I perused your eZine. First I did not know you had worked as editors and for other magazines!
    Second I am impressed because the format, titles pic etc are really professional making it for a very attractive and easy to read magazine.
    You did brilliantly well and have more hidden talents than you let on Alexandra! Bravo!

  3. Again, thank you, I’m really happy you thought so, and found them accessible and easy to read, Sophie. It’s a new venture here, on the blog, but one I have a background for. And, hopefully, others will come onboard too. Let’s hope so.

  4. OMG, these are awesome! <3
    i just had a sneak peak in the fiction one, and it looks really cool! I'm gonna check it better at home – can't be too obvious in the office 😀

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Norrie, enjoy! 😀

      I hope you’re okay opening and reading it. I did them as pdf thinking that would be easiest for people to upload onto their eReaders, so let me know if I need to add other formats too.

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