Flower Power

In order to recover from being inside for almost the entire weekend, last weekend, this Wednesday we spent the day outside at the University Laval Botanic Gardens soaking up some sun. As usual, the array of flowers didn’t disappoint, especially the peonies—my favourite flowers. We were spoilt for choice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Peonies are my fav too right alongside Iris and Lilac! Have a great weekend Alexandra!

  2. Alexandra says

    Oh, Sweetie, you are more than welcome. I’m so happy to hear that my photos gave you so many happy memories. My gran did the same, which is where I think I have my love of flowers from. She loved peonies and roses. What I remember most is the smell, that heavenly scent in an evening!

    Hugs! ❤

  3. Oh, how I love peonies! My grandmother used to grow them and had bushes the size of trees. Her green thumb was legion. These pictures just overwhelmed me with wonderful memories💜 Thank you SO much for this unexpected gift.

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