First Impressions Friday: Formula of Deception

It’s that time of week, again, which means, it’s First Impressions Friday. For those of you who are unfamiliar, #FIF is a weekly meme created by J.W. Martin. The goal is to talk about a book you recently started reading then, share your first impressions, predict what you think will happen, and say whether you think you’ll enjoy it.

When her twin sister was murdered, Murphy Anderson changed her name and appearance and moved to Kodiak to avoid the press and publicity. But when local authorities discover she’s an artist and request her help in drawing a dying man’s memories, she unintentionally ends up in the limelight again—and may be back in the killer’s crosshairs.

The memory that Murphy was asked to draw was from an Alaskan hunter who discovered five bodies on remote Ruuwaq Island ten years ago, but has only shared the information with the police now that he’s dying of cancer. When they go to the island to investigate, no skeletons remain but there is evidence that the bodies may have been deliberately destroyed. But the big discovery is of a World War II Quonset hut.

As one by one the people who were at the hut die, Murphy knows there is something much deeper at stake. What happened there during WWII? And who is willing to kill to keep those secrets buried?

I  told myself I wasn’t going to buy another new book till I had a read few more off my TBR pile on the coffee table (which, btw, is sagging from the weight) but when I absently wandered into the book shop last weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the cover of this one—and, yes, picked it up. And you know how it is, once you start reading a book, there, in the shop, you feel obliged to buy it, right?

So of course, I bought it.

At the moment I’m struggling with LOCKDOWN (last week’s pick) which I really should have finished a couple of days ago. But it’s dragging! I so want to move on from King’s novel, which, if the truth be known, got lost somewhere in the middle of Papua New Guinea — and why the hell we’re there I haven’t got a clue, but it threw me right out of my reading.

Anyway, the plan is to finish LOCKDOWN at some point this weekend, while starting FORMULA OF DECEPTION. I’m in the mood for a really good mystery, and this one seems to have all the right elements.

Wish me luck, I’m off to Alaska.

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  1. September 21, 2018

    Hahaha yes I know the “I HAVE to buy that book”. Now from Papua New Guinea to Alaska that’s a stretch Alexandra!

    • Alexandra
      September 21, 2018

      I guess I didn’t realise I was travelling so far afield when buying these books. Does that make me a book tourist? Ha! Ha!

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