Fall Book Tag — 2018

Shanah over at Bionic Book Worm, has created a Fall Book Tag, which is basically a tag we can all do for the fun of it, especially as it’s just once a year.

So here are my entries for the Fall Book Tag.

Crisp Fall Air — A book that felt fresh and new:

For me, this has to be The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie by Alan Bradley, it’s not normally the kind of book I would pick up, let alone read. But I was delighted I took the plunge. Because, for me at least, this was a laugh out loud read, with so many quirky moments that gave me flashbacks to my own childhood. I finished reading this one with a huge smile on my face. I love Flavia and her crazy family, and want more of the ‘pie’.

Howling Winds — An ending that blew you away:

I should have realised it was coming, given everything that was happening and the way the story unfolded, the trail of breadcrumb clues, but the ending, or, I should say, the lead up to the ending in The City Of Brass, left me ranting at the book and author, yelling at them both: ‘No NO!’

Simply brilliant writing!

Comfy Sweater — A book that gave you the warm and fuzzys:

No contest, A Man Called Ove, which I just finished reading. This was a slow and subtle, creep up on you kind of read that’s both sad and poignant, but also, uplifting. It left me with a happy, warm feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. Ordinary people, doing ordinary things, in a familiar setting, but boy, oh boy, does the author, Fredrik Backman, know how to give them depth and feeling.

Bright Colours — A cover with red, orange, or yellow:

Easy choice, The City Of Brass had all those colours a city on fire with magic and intrigue!

Leaf Fight – A book with non-stop action:

Again, another easy choice, it has to be, The City Of Brass, yes, again. This one really is a roller coaster ride or, maybe that should be, magic carpet ride? Definitely one I couldn’t put down!

Pumpkin Spice — Your most anticipated read:

I’m hankering after two books, both of which are not out until early next year, The Kingdom of Copper by S. A. Chakraborty, which is the follow-up to The City Of Brass. And the next Jane Harper book, The Lost Man (Feb 5, 2019). I think I would read these two author’s shopping lists, they are both such excellent writers. Both write exceptional characters, and Chakraborty’s world-building is exemplary of the kind of fantasy fiction I want to read.

So there you go. Some excellent writing, fantastic plots and characters, and authors whose work I now trust to deliver a great story.


  1. Ah, can’t wait for the new Jane Harper.
    I was checking it out on Goodreads and it doesn’t seem to be part of the Aaron Falk series.. :/

    • Actually, I was hoping it was a standalone, rather than part of the series, as a series can go dull rather quickly. And while I loved FORCE OF NATURE, I wasn’t too excited about the quick kiss between Falk and Carmen in the cabin. What?

      Either way, I have a copy on order! 😀

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