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Side effects of Covid-19

Even here, in our somewhat quiet little city, we’re seeing the knock-on effects of people going crazy, and stockpiling supplies like it’s the end of the world. That dystopian future we all so love to read about is here, in my backyard … people are buying up toilet rolls like there is no tomorrow!

I went to the supermarket this morning to do my regular shop, and what did I find? Empty shelves in the paper section. Or, worse yet, a small packet of toilet rolls (the cheapo sort that you have to use way too much) was double the price it was a couple of weeks ago. I’m not kidding. There was nothing left of my usual brand, and only smaller packets of various store brand or previously cheap. Both were exorbitantly over priced. A normal 8 pack—$3.99 usually—was $8.99, and on the shelves where the 30 packet (equivalent to 50 rolls) usually sit, the price tag said a whopping $25! wtf?

Jesus H on a moonbeam, people, what is wrong with you?

It’s crazy behaviour, given I got all my other usual groceries, including all my packets and tinned goods (which I’ve doubled up on, and no more).

I didn’t check the cleaning products isle, I’m guessing people were bulk buying there too.

So what’s happening in your part of the world, are you seeing shortages, and over pricing?

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    Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    We had the same this week with …tomato sauce! Guess we Belgian love our pasta LOL

    • Alex

      Pasta sauce, Sophie, really? Now that does make me laugh. I guess you have to have certain priorities in mind when it comes to stockpiling. 😉

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    This is what it looks like when there’s a leadership vacuum. We can’t trust anything being said from our federal government. People give in to their worst fears, which they’ve stoked. I yearn for cooler, more rational minds.

    • Alex

      I didn’t expect this up here, in the Frozen North because, for the most part, the Government and the local news and been feeding us all a steady diet of info about the virus and what to do and not to do. So when sane, supposedly rational people give in to their worst fears it’s detrimental to all of us, Jonetta.

      This kind of behaviour doesn’t help anyone.

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    No over pricing and no shortage (yet) and thankfully a couple of academics who explain clearly why stockpiling is a) not necessary and b)has an adverse effect on the economy and ultimately on your finances.
    The world simply has gone mad😊

    • Alex

      Well, you are lucky where you are for the moment, and yes, if you pay attention to what’s being said, there’s absolutely no need to stockpile like this. Just be sensible is all. But people will be people, right? 😉

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