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Day #92: Taking A Stance …

Please, take a moment to read this—JK ROWLING SPEAKS OUT—and then if you have any lingering doubts, we can talk (I hope) in a reasoned, calm manner, or not. The choice is yours, but I’m taking a stance, and making a point.

People have opinions, sometimes those opinions do not align with ours, but is that reason to try and destroy them, online, and in print—which, by the way, can be construed as libel.

Just so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, I stand by J.K. Rowling, and have nothing but admiration for who this woman is, and what’s she’s done to help others, especially in advancing women’s causes.

If you think otherwise, that’s your choice. And if you wish to disassociate with me, over this, that too is your choice. But, at 63 years of age, I’m past giving a fuck!

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I have always seen both sides of this argument to a degree. I support trans people and their right to be whoever they instinctively know themselves to be. I also agree they need laws to protect their rights. However, as a woman, I don’t feel comfortable that a man who isn’t transitioning and may possibly be lying about being a woman can enter a female only space by merely saying: “I am a woman.” Anyone who thinks this situation won’t be abused is being rather naive. These laws are being enacted in Scotland at present, which is why J.K. has spoken out, and I have sympathy for some of the things she says. I don’t like bullies and, regardless of my personal opinions on any matter, I would never support the sort of online abuse to which she’s been subjected. We need to find some sort of middle ground in this debate because none of the shouting and carrying-on is helping anyone. I wish people on both sides of the argument could come together peaceably and realise no issue is completely black or white. Empathy is so necessary from everyone. Why the venom? Their views aren’t so very different when you look closely.

Oh, Paula, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to read what both you, and Sophie have said.

And I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has a right to be who they are. And, as a lesbian, fully support the Trans community in being recognised with the same rights we all want.

And like you, am deeply trouble though by the way some will twist and manipulate situations, conversations, and even the law, for bitter, and hateful ends.

As you say, there will always be someone who abuses the privilege we are all afforded, and it is those we must be wary of.

And again, yes, we need empathy and understanding, nor vile rhetoric for all concerned. Reasoned dialogue not hate fuelled venom.

Sadly, I feel like that may never be achieved till the noise has long since died down, and by then, will it all be too late?

Well Alexandra no I won’t stop following you LOL I am of the opinion that…everyone is entitled to his own opinion and except if you suddenly are spewing hateabout chocolate (I am Belgian after all) I won’t leave you.
Now it is still very touchy what’s been said and the majority interpreted her words as belittling toward transgender women. That honestly I can’t agree with. But I don’t agree either with everyone attacking her so harshly and moreover attacking HP’s fans. That’s why today on IG I still posted a picture with a HP book, telling that to me, transgender women are women and that I did not agree with what JK said. Yet I added that people who loved HP should not feel guilty for it. It seems that this week has been the week where I “spoke up” too LOL On the blog and on IG.
But I also like when people disagree with me as it makes for interesting discussions. After all, what is “right” in my eyes is “wrong” in someone else’s eyes and who is saying that I am a “know it all better than everyone”? Not me!

Thank you, Sophie. Thank you for understanding, that we don’t all have to agree with everything everyone says, as long as we are all respectful towards each other, and the opinions we hold. As there is no room for hate in this world.

It’s the hater who cause the problem, and blind hatred is the worst.

And no, I’m not going anywhere. Nor giving up chocolate. 😉

I consider you a true and honest friend, Sophie, and someone who I admire because I know I get it straight from you, no bullsh*t. Ever. And I respect that about you.

We will never agree totally with everyone about everything, but isn’t it about learning from what we hear and what we see, and from that growing as human beings?

I have to believe so.

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