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Day #90: Startled with a Bang!

The whole block was rudely awakened this morning with a really loud explosion. We think it was one of the power transformers outside our bedroom window (yes, they shook) that blew. There are three on a single pine pole, supplying power to the YWCA on the other side of our privacy hedge. The pole sits in their back carpark but adjacent to our bedroom windows.

A handful of Utility workers were out there just after 9, going up the pole and fiddling with stuff, and I saw someone in a yellow coverall, and matching hard hat, come out of one of the emergency doors to the Y. So I’m making the assumption the problem was with them, and one or more of the transformers, that were in problem.

Right after the explosion, the Y’s external generator kicked in, and boy is that damn thing loud in its own right. You have to realise, out bedroom window was wide open. Had been all night due to how warm it had been. So all of this was really loud for us. Also, their building had plunged into darkness. Usually the place is lit up like a prison.

I thought we were under attack. And no, before you ask, I didn’t hide under the bed, but I did go through the, was it: a gun shot / car backfiring / someone dropping something extremely heavy from a great height, and more? But when me and mine peered out of the window, behind the curtains (hey, it was bright out there, okay?) we couldn’t really see anything. It wasn’t raining. And although the transformers looked to be okay, no smoke, or flames, or sparking like as if it had been hit by lightning. Something exploded. And sure as hell wasn’t a bomb.

Again, our only clue as to what might have happened, was the Power Company’s men doing inspections afterwards.

Ah, there’s never a dull moment around here. I hope it’s quiet where you are. Take care, and stay safe everyone.


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Well, we were okay, but the people staying at the YWCA were plunged into a blackout. Luckily it was 6:30, so daylight outside. And they appeared to be back up and running by mid afternoon.

So whatever it was, got sorted. Meanwhile, it’s been fairly quiet here. 😀

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