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Day #87: In The War Zone

I feel like Twitter has become the new Facebook. I left Facebook a couple of years ago because of the dissent, the aggression, the micro-bullying, the constant barrage of general nastiness. I just decided it wasn’t worth trying to connect with people who were not open to listening to other people’s points of view.

And now, sadly, Twitter has become just that, almost a war zone. Yes, of words, and words don’t kill, except …

Sometimes they do. We’re all aware of different people who have been bullied so much on Social Media that they’ve gone on to commit suicide. Well now, Twitter seems to be coming that battle ground wherein if you don’t jump on the latest PC bandwagon, or follow the latest crusade to turn everyone into clones, you are hounded, and generally spewed upon by the this group, or that one.

I’m tired. Tired of it all. So I deleted Twitter off both my iPad and my iPhone, and I have no intention of putting the app back any time soon.

I shall still continue to schedule my post for Twitter, but I’m not sure just how much more I’m actually going to be on there, engaging with anyone, anymore. I’ve already done a large purge of people I was following. All those that have spent days retweeting hate-filled rants and commenting how awful it all is. But still, adding their own voices to the noise.

Not only do I not understand these people, and, quite frankly, I don’t want to, I cannot condone their actions, or their mindset.

I consider myself an open person, happy to follow people from diverse backgrounds, and to learn more from others. What I cannot and will not tolerate are people bad mouthing others, and posting downright hurtful, nasty posts. In other words, becoming that which they say they abhor: acting like a fascist.

Adios, hasta la vista Babe, sayonara!

2 comments on “Day #87: In The War Zone

  1. Avatar

    I hear you. I’m only on Facebook for friends (real life ones) and family, limit my posts to be viewed only by them. If there was another platform akin to it, I’d be gone. And, I pretty much only use Twitter for posting my blog updates.

    The nasty stuff is a cowardly way of dealing with conflict and I want no part of it. It’s not entertaining, even with shared points of view.

    Good on you.

    • Alex

      Oh, thank you for saying that, Jonetta. Knowing you’ve done the same thing reassures me it’s not me having a knee jerk reaction. But I feel like it’s gotten out of hand.

      I’ll definitely continue to post about books, and focus on those posts, from now.

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