Day #86: Ways to Support Authors

Most book lovers already support their favour authors, one way or another. But here are a few more ways in which you can show your support.

Obviously, the most important way is, of course, to buy their books. But also, maybe once a month, try a different author too. Buy a random book, even if it’s in the sale pile. Try and extend your reach, money allowing of course, in sampling different genres as well as authors you might be unfamiliar with.

It’s a great way to discovery, as well as helping less well known authors with sales.

Another way, while in a book shop browsing, is to take a photo to post on social media, of book covers that catch your attention, especially of your favourite author’s latest release or a book you really enjoyed.

And while we’re talking social media. Follow authors on media you frequent, and engage with them. Comment on their posts, and retweet them.

Also, if you are a book blogger as well, let them know you are open to accepting Guest Posts from them, or in doing a promo post on an upcoming release. Share books and authors that excite you with your followers. Get listed on an author’s PR to receive email updates, and occasionally, ARCs as well.

It’s important to remember, that if you are a book blogger, and you do reviews, NOT to include the author in social media if the review was less than stellar. Reviews really are for readers. It’s not only unprofessional to rub an author’s nose in the fact you spotted a typo missed by the editorial team, it’s demeaning to all involved.

Instead, recommend books and authors to new readers or your followers. Do lists of favourite authors, and top ten books in a genre you love. Do positive posts that reader and also, authors, can benefit from.

Pre ordering books from your local bookstore not only helps the author’s sales and sales rankings, but also your local bookstore too. The same with your local library, if they don’t have that author or that book in you want to read, ask them to order it.

One of the ways my family and I promote books, is to buy one another books and gift them to each other. I’ve discovered so many authors I might never have, had my niece or sister not sent this book, or that one, at birthdays and Christmas. And, if in the end, it was a book you didn’t really enjoy, gift it to your local library especially if it’s a hardback or recent/current bestseller.

One of the last things you can do to help authors, is send them fan mail. Yes, we all love receiving things in the post, they are, after all, only human. And a lovely handwritten card saying how much you enjoyed a book, goes a long, long way to lifting an author’s spirits.

It’s the small gestures, that speak the loudest. Help, by making a difference, however small that might be.

4 replies on “Day #86: Ways to Support Authors”

Ha! Ha! You go above and beyond what most of us do, Sophie, and your instagram is a knockout, Sweetie. You really do go that extra mile, and it makes all the difference.

Keep it up.

These are excellent suggestions. And many of them cost little or nothing. I like your idea of posting on social media, since that has such a wide reach. I also think we can use some of these same ideas to support indie bookshops, small publishers, and others in the book community.

Thank you, Margot. Most, I think, are just common sense, as os posting on SM as much as possible. And I love doing the personal touch. Sometimes you get a response, and sometimes you don’t. The main thing is a delight in letting an author know you loved their work.

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