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Day #83: Building new Projects

My posts are getting later and later in the day, I don’t know if you’ve notice this. But that’s because I’ve been working more and more on not only my writing, but also at the Book Blurb, adding more content, more reviews, and lining up guest writers as well as post. Then there’s my latest online venture, the SFF version of Book Blurb, the Martian Chronicle, which I started to share my love for, well, obviously, science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and TV shows.

So if you start seeing less of me here, or, lots more photos of flowers over the coming weeks, you know where I will be, tending not my imaginary garden, but my online equivalent of, my blogs. Each, in their own way have to be tended, weeded, and watered, eh, well, you understand what I mean. And, just so you know, I will not be pouring actual water on my keyboard or over my still new, iMac, okay!

One reason for writing more, and putting in more time on these other blogs is two-fold, distraction from what’s going on the world, and, well, my wanting to be creative. And for me, that comes from writing … a lot of writing. From scribbling ideas down, to actually sketching out short, and longer stories. Researching this and that, and, of course, writing blog posts. Which, in and of themselves, quite often need research, and all this takes time. Time away from rambling on here, at the Wry Writer, about all the problems (real and imagined) going on in the world right now.

It’s wearing me out, never mind affecting many aspects of my life. As if it wasn’t bad enough for most of us, staying inside for days and weeks on end. And we’re entering our third month. I’ve been in lockdown (bar four days in hospital) since March 8th. Though I started blogging here, about the lockdown, only on March 14th (I think is was?) But there’s only so much you can write about being cooped up, what I’m making for dinner, thoughts on how cruel the world/people/nations can be, and just how much you, the reader—yes, that would be YOU—are willing to put up with and read about. You’re all going through the same thing, and, like me, probably don’t want to read endless posts about how life sucks sometimes.

So, be warned, you’ll start getting more posts about known/obscure writers/books/movies/TV shows, you might not have read/watch/care about. But still, I hope you’ll continue to follow along, stop by occasionally and comment, and continue your amazing support which keeps me posting, daily, to begin with.

Thank you. You all mean a great deal to me.

Meanwhile, you know the drill, take care out there and stay safe, where ever you are in the world/system/multiverse.


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Awww, thanks, Sophie. I can always rely on my regulars to find time for me. Especially when we’re all so darn busy. You’re a gem, and I love my regulars.

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