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Day #82: On the Death of Democracy

Why didn’t lightning strike him dead? Why? Blaspheming bigot …

[we interrupt this moment to bring you a flower and let Alex calm down … cue elevator music …]

In other news, I did it. I deleted my twitter account. And have resurrected a dormant one I haven’t used in a while. And I’m starting again, from scratch, on twitter at least. I still won’t use Instagram for much more than posting flower photos and or what I’ve been up to in the kitchen. And will never, ever, use Facebook again.

I’m also doing more with some of my blogs. As some of you already noticed, Book Blurb is back online in a clean new format. I keep getting hacked, and checked in with my hosting company. As I’m sure it’s not something I’m doing. I keep up to date with the latest WordPress updates and the same with plugins. And try to delete the worst of the SPAM as it comes in. The Company said they get daily Brute Force attacks, from Bad Actors … gee, if only it were bad actors, we all might be okay, but these kinds just inundate companies for the sheer hell of it.

Anyway, I’ve done my bit to get back online with the book blog, and will see how long we can run before something else clogs up the works. In the meantime, I started another project to keep me from going outside and strangling people with words and verbal imagery. If only, right? 

The new venture is focused on my love of science and science fiction, and you can find it at: The Martian Chronicle, that is, if you are interested in that sort of content. I’ll be covering movies, dvd, tv shows, books and authors, and general SFF news. Stuff that interests me, but not necessarily readers here at the Wry Writer.

We’re back binge-watching and started rewatching ALIAS this weekend, and finished season one last night with a cheesy cliffhanger. Damn, but I forgot what great fun this show was. Jennifer Garner looks great and had, I’m sure, great fun doing this show (sans bruising that is). Every episode includes her wearing at least two wigs and matching get-up, and running. Dang but that girl could run back then.

The supporting cast is stellar, as is Victor Garber, who we call (oh, okay, me, I call him) Daddy! I love this actor, he just brightens my day. I don’t know why. Oh, and it was good to see Carl Lumbly in top form as Sydney’s partner at SD6. And Ron Rifkin as the nefarious head of SD6, Arvin Sloan. If ever there was someone who portrayed evil with such consummate skill, none is better than Rifkin.

With 4 more seasons to rewatch, I think I’ll be good to go for awhile. I’ll be dreaming of being a spy for British Intelligence. Alex … Alex Bond at your service, Ma’am. I don’t think I’ll be working at either MI6 or even SD6 anytime soon, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Whether you’re spying on the neighbours or just on nature, stay safe out there and take care.


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Oh, yes, me and mine decided we need to unwind with a bit of Spy fun, and so have set up movie/dvd nights to rewatch and or see new stuff. And get back into LOLLING loudly. There’s just too much hate going on right now. Hope you too are lol, Sophie!

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