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Day #81: The Pain of Being Online

Sometimes I think people really truly need a swift kick up the arse. Or some sort of bleak wake up call to get through to them … oh, no, wait, that would be COVID-19 except, so many stupid [expletive removed as this is a PG website!] people seem to think COVID-19 doesn’t apply to them, or are immune.

But let me tell you, immunity isn’t bestowed through stupidity, you dumb [expletive removed as this is a PG website!] if it was, the virus would have died out in the first week.

Okay, I just delete the rest of this expletive-filled rant because no one wants to read my triad on stupid people, and all the people I just unfollowed and, in some cases, just blocked on twitter. The people who wear their stupidity in plain sight and in their actions, by calling complete strangers out, on a public forum, labelling them a TERF (yes, I had to google the term, and it isn’t very nice let me tell you, nor, may I say, accurate to those it was hurled at).

I am so tired of knee jerk reactions and responses by tweeters especially those who make assumptions. If you don’t want to follow someone, unfollow them, don’t hurl unsubstantiated accusations at them, online, in a damn public forum. And don’t call them names when you have no idea who these people really are or what they’ve gone through.

They are entitled to follow who they want. And DICTATING to them about who they can and can not follow makes you the despicable person, not them. You are doing exactly what you claim to hate others doing.

Creating and fostering hate against strangers. And based on what? Who they follow?

This, this is the kind of world we now live in.

It’s all wearing me down. I may take a break … a break from blogging, and from being online altogether. I haven’t decided what’s best to do.

We will see, as they say. Until then, take care and stay safe out there, where ever you are in the world.


6 replies on “Day #81: The Pain of Being Online”

May I suggest to go on with blogging but stopping Twitter and maybe FB? IG is much more nice and I think on WordPress you are safe…I am never or barely on Twityer ( just auto post from the blog) as I abhore this site..

I gave up Facebook a few years ago, Sophie. And have, as of this afternoon, dropped my twitter account, and gone back to an older, in active one (see sidebar) and I’m never sure what to do on IG. But you do know it’s a Facebook property don’t you?

What I will do, is continue here, with people I know and trust.

I know IG is Facebook’s property but I think with the format on IG people seem “nicer” than on other platforms. Or maybe it’s because I select my friends and who I follow LOL

Yes, you are right, for the moment, IG does have a better class of people, or maybe, like you said, we’re both following nicer people. 😀

I’ve left my account in place, for now. But I find all so-called social media to be like the wld west.

Ugh being online can be so painful. I hope you don’t leave forever and we will be here when you get back from your break! Take care❤

I actually decided to go off twitter, in that, I closed down the offending twitter account, Kat. And yes, I followed you there. I hope you will follow me at the wry writer account instead.

I will continue to post here, as this is my outlet, and I can control posts and comments. And besides, I really love the people who follow me here, and take the time to visit and comment.

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