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Day #80: The World is on Fire

I just can’t … seriously, I can’t.


Understand why the colour of someone’s skin makes a difference to some people. Why skin? Why not take offence based on the colour of their hair? Their eyes? How thin they are. Or how fat?


Why, do you hate so much and so deeply? Why?

What is wrong with you?

Please, I need to know. I need to understand how you can think less of anyone, anyone at all, based on the colour of someone’s skin?

Why not with how stupid people can be. Or how greedy. Or how vein, or mean, or crass … but no, that would mean looking in the mirror and seeing the truth reflected at you. A truth the rest of us see as plain as the light of day.

That doesn’t work for you. Does it?

No, of course not.

But don’t you see … You, you are the abomination. YOU!

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I felt I had to say something, make a small stand, but even then, having donated, it just doesn’t feel enough, Paula.

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