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Day #77: The Doctors Appointment

We had to get up at 4:30 this morning. Well, my partner mostly, as they’re the native French speaker, in order to go online to fill out a lengthy questionnaire in order to book an appointment, for today, with a doctor. I lay in bed answering them, bleary eyed.

Yes, you read right. 4:30 AM. It’s ridiculous the hoops we have to go through, these days, in order to just book an appointment. And then, there’s no guarantee by the time you’ve filled in the form, of being allocated a slot.

We, in that I mean, my partner, scored me a slot for 9 am. At around 8 am, a nurse at the practise called to then ask prelim questions, as if the 23 we’d already answered at 4:30 AM were not enough. She went through practically my entire medical history … again! In order to prep the doctor, who agreed to an over-the-phone consultation, as I’m not sick, just needed more guidance and advice.

Well, nine came and went, as I expected it would, and at almost a quarter to ten the phone rang.

I got a young female doctor who has just started at the practise who sounded 12 years old, asking me, get this, almost the same questions. Damn, I know I am a patient person, this just tells me exactly how good I am at this.

I sucked it up, explained all over again what was going on. About the latest trip to the hospital, and the fourth change in my drugs that have, once again, acerbated my camps problem. What was an occasional occurrence, and usually only twinges in my feet, has gotten out of hand. It’s now happening 3-4 times a week, and can be one or other calf muscle and the feet.

To anyone who’s had cramp, they know. They know how excruciating and debilitating it can be. You cry, you cry because there is nothing you can do. Absolutely nothing.

It’s been a week of getting up, here and there, at this silly time, to try get this consultation. Especially as I stopped taking my cholesterol pills which were also causing problems, and making matters worse. I was worried, worried because the cramps, while they had subsided, were still not going away. And then, of course, I’m not taking a pill for to help lower my cholesterol, so what effect is that having? You start to get antsy.

Anyway, the doctor, after much back and forth, agreed. I had to stop the cholesterol straight away, and agreed to change the dosage on my blood pressure medication—it had been changed at the hospital to include a diuretic. And it’s that which seems to be the problem, causing further dehydration, therefore cramps, and while making me pee more through the night (4 times at least) also means I’m flushing essential nutrients out. AKA, potassium and magnesium.

All of which causes the cramps.

So she’s faxing my pharmacist with a new prescription, which I can have delivered in the next day or so.

So this is me going back to my old drug from before the initial trip to the doctor, Feb 19, that started this whole debacle to begin with. But, since then, not only have I lost 35 pounds, I’ve also (once again) readjusted my diet and exercise.

Wish me luck, because, I feel like I’m in my very own very version of Groundhog Day, in which things keep repeating themselves.

Damn, I need a coffee, like I need a sugar donut!

Stay safe out there, friends, and take care of you and yours, where ever you are in the world.


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Well damnn Alex! It seems it’s really trial and error to find you the right treatment here! Let’s hope everything will work now to avoid another experience like this one!

I’m hoping that’s the case, Sophie. Given this will be the combo I was on before all this started happening, and I never had cramps then. Fingers crossed, as they, say.

Alex, I do feel your frustration, and am sending you as much positive energy as humanly possible, Also, I’m sending a mental bouquet of beautiful flowers to lift you, as you did for me. I often wonder if it is possible to hire our own chat bots to deal with the docs. Surely, there is an app for that? Those cramps are the devil’s own torture. I haven’t signed into WordPress for over seven years, so know I truly hope you feel well soon. By the way, she is probably 12.

Oh, you are a gem. Thank you so much for your lovely words and support. It really is a lift. And it would be so much easier to have to deal with only one doctor, rather than a different one every time. There’s always so much explaining to do. But we get by and I’m thankful to have them there, and able to access healthcare without worry. So many are not so lucky.

Ha! Ha! Yeah, I would be surprised. If nothing else, I’m 30+ years her senior. 😉

Thanks, Jo, I will. I’m hoping that things will settle down and sort themselves out, within 3-4 weeks. Will no doubt post again.

Ah, the medical roundabout! How frustrating that must be! Well, it may be ‘Back to the Future’ for you, but I hope you’ll soon be feeling better. And the weight loss is not such a bad outcome…

Ah, yes, merry go round about sums it up. I think it’s because we no longer have proper family doctors anymore, and that you end up seeing whoever is on duty any given day for the walk-in. Getting a family doctor has been near on impossible for the last 3-4 years, here.

The weight loss was a godsend, Margot. As I feel so much better in my self, have more energy, and when I do sleep, sleep well. Anyway, maybe it will be back to the future for me! 😉

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