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Day #76: Summer has Arrived!

Yep! It’s definitely here. I think we skipped spring altogether, and went from colder, to cold, to cool, and then: WHAM!

No, not the pop group of years gone by, with George Michael, but S U M M E R! Yes, all  in CAPS, because we went from single digits to low double in a weekend, and from low double digits to, mid and upper 20s just like that. And, in between, it rained, almost all of April, or seemed like it. But May?

It’s official, three days of over and consecutive 30 degrees plus, with excessive humidity thrown in for good measure, and it’s a HEAT WAVE!

It’s TWENTY THREE degrees already, and expected to go up to 30+ by this afternoon, and with humidity, about 34-36. You can feel the moisture in the air. It’s visceral and literal.

The other thing is, I can no longer see through our little park, or the church on the far side. We now have full leaf cover on the trees. Which are in glorious full spring colours, you know, that acid green that looks like it could melt metal.

I love this time, here, it’s beautiful, and deceptive. A herald of what’s to come in June/July. And early this year, by about a full month. It’s been over a decade since we had these kind of temperatures here, in May, even if it is the end of May.

Sad to say though, that this year, with the lockdown still, technically in place, though many are defying the rules, it’s still gong to be brutal for those locked inside. I cannot image being stuck in a nursing home at the best of times, let alone now, as the summer starts early, and the heat cranks up to full a month ion advance. And so many here, are without AirCon. We have none. We could get a mobile unit, which is permitted. But, so far, these last five years we’ve been okay, we’ve coped and survived. But I do wonder, how will it go this year?

Yes, we are lucky, we have a balcony to step out onto. But really, does anyone want to be out there, in 36 degrees, beneath a blazing sun? No, not really. It might be time to think of a sun parasol for the balcony though, just in case, because this is going to be our only source of outdoor activity, for a while yet, despite the so-called relaxing of the rules.

I am still not sure I want to even walk in the park here, with so many still hell bent on ignoring wearing a mask, or keeping their distance. And there are still TWO HOTSPOTS in our local neighbourhood. One right across from our park, in the Jeffery Hale hospital—which has recorded way too many elderly deaths this last 2 months. 80 so far as we know.

So a mobile AirCon unit is probably going on the shopping list this weekend, along with a large parasol for the balcony. And a lot more bottled water too, me thinks!

In the meantime, before the sun swings around to the south, and our balcony becomes too hot for the lizard in me, I’m signing off to go and sit outside, and enjoy sucking up a little more VIT-D, and admire the trees in their leafy foliage.

Take care and stay safe out there, where ever you are in the world. And enjoy the spring/ summer weather, safely!


4 comments on “Day #76: Summer has Arrived!

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    Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    This has been summer for weeks here too Alexandra!

    • Alex

      Yeah, so we heard. My niece was saying everyone’s been basking in a heat wave for weeks. Well, we’re just getting our dose now, Sophie. Stay hydrated! 😀

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    It is amazing how quickly the seasons change, isn’t it? It’ll be especially hard this summer as we’re eager to get outside. But we still need to be careful and considerate of others. Personally, I’m staying inside until I am more certain of my safety than I am now.

    • Alex

      Here especially, Margot. One minute we’re celebrating the last snow, rejoicing in the fact we might see some spring weather, and we do, for maybe a week or two. And then, the leaves on the trees open and BAM! It’s suddenly summer, and the temp is hot and humid.

      Oh, and I’m with you. I am so glad of my big balcony. It’s going to be our summer evening haunt for the next few months. Neither of us want to venture far, till they can be certain we have a vaccine, or COVID is done. I’ll let everyone else become a guinea pig if they want.

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