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Day #75: Another Milestone

Milestone, or is that, millstone? Ha! Ha! Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here, but that’s how it feels some days. I wonder if we’ll ever make it off planet (hey, I write SF for fun, I have dreams) and even with Space X launching (hopefully) tomorrow with a two man crew aboard. I have serious doubts humanity will ever reach the stars, let alone find enough unity to make it permanently off planet, start a moon base, let alone have a fully fledged colony (one day) on Mars.

My dreams go way beyond our tiny, insignificant little edge of a minor spiral arm, of the Milky Way Galaxy, to empires that span our galaxy and, who knows, maybe a few next door too. But these are but SF dreams of a writer who, lost in childlike wonder at the swirling heavens that surround us, wants to know more about ‘what’s out there’. And does that, via her writing.

The truth is, though, we fight, we squabble, we kill one another without recourse, remorse, or even at times, impunity, whether it’s a President through inaction, an army hell bent on eradicating ‘terrorists’ in a battle where it’s difficult to decide anymore just who the terrorists are. To bad actors intent on spreading as much misinformation, disinformation, and lies across the globe as possible, in an effort to disrupt everyone’s lives if not, kill people outright.

Why? Why are there so many people, despite level of education, who cannot rise above upbringing or politics, or where they are in life, to see beyond the resentment and hateful filled trench they’ve made for themselves and others?

What is the saying? There are none so blind as those who will not see. And never has that been more true than at any other time in our shared, sad history, than now.

There is so much beauty in the world that surrounds us, so much love and kindness, so much art and creativity, and yet, the darkness tinges the edge of these moments of light and brightness. But, I supposed, it’s also true that we cannot see the light, if not for the dark. And for the light to have meaning, the dark must exist as a backdrop to the light, for it to shine all the more brighter.

All I know is that one will never vanquish the other, no matter how hard the darkness tries to consume the light, or the light vanquish the dark, they will continue to exist for all time. Until, that is, entropy exerts her will and, as all things do, even a Universe of possibilities, must die.

In life there is death, in death there is new life. I wonder what waits for us beyond the veil?

Ah, yes, such deep thoughts, and it’s only Tuesday. I’ll be here all week, mulling the great mysteries of life, time, and space, catch the news at eleven, till then, stay safe out there, wherever you are in this beautiful, amazing universe.


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    Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    I agree with Margot above Alexandra. But I also think that the “evil” or bad news get more publicity than all the good deeds. That’s why we think there is more bad than good.

    • Alex

      Indeed, that’s so true in today’s news, especially in the US, and in the media. They love a juicy, hate filled narrative, as it boosts ratings, rather than covering good news, although, some of that trickles through, here and there too.

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    You know, Alexandra, I’m beginning to believe that people like us who imagine (and live in) a more unified existence are the majority. What’s different is that those who revel in division and hatred are being given a loudspeaker to amplify their beliefs on platforms we’ve conceded. Somehow, we’ve got to find a way to diminish the attention being given them. In the US, we have to replace the disgrace currently occupying the White House. His commitment to division and hatred is appalling.

    So, I’m living in that belief right now and see so much confirmation of it. And maybe that’s the point. Ignoring a child pulling a tantrum generally solves the problem😏

    • Alex

      Oh, you and I both. I think there are far more who prefer to create art and beauty, than those who spend their time sowing seeds of division and hate. But isn’t it always the same how hate seems to yell the loudest, and get more notice? It saddens me, but yes, we need to take back our platforms from these types, grind them into dust, and promote (as loudly as we can) the positives in life. Books, art, music, not just science and math. We need it all in balance.

      If only we could ignore adults who do this, the same way we do a child, Jonetta! If only …

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    That’s the thing about humans, Alex. We are capable of much good – and much evil. I think you get at the answer to that in talking about reflection. Very little has an easy answer, and it takes reflection and a commitment to compassion to do the right, kind thing. It takes commitment to open our eyes and see the beauty around us, too.

    • Alex

      Like everything, Margot, I see life as a work in progress. And if we all took the time to do that, maybe reflect and stop to look at what we do have, and not what we don’t, maybe thing could improve. Why so many want to destroy and not create is beyond me, but that’s how life is, I guess what we create wouldn’t look so beautiful if everyone did the same. Maybe that’s why we can never have a true utopia. Who knows. 😀

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