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Day #73: A Bit Of Sam Neill

I saw this yesterday on twitter, and Oh Boy did I laugh out loud. This really brightened my day by just being, well, a silly bit of fun. Watch Sam Neill and Helena Bonham Carter do a two-continent skit—DAS FONE HELL—that if it doesn’t make you laugh, well then, you have no sense of humour!

That’s it. That’s today’s post.

I’ve been out on my balcony enjoying a lovely, sunny, warm day (23 degrees) after doing cleaning and laundry all morning. I dragged the sun rocker out there, grabbed a grenadine and lime on ice, and sat outside making Vit-D to boost my immune system.

And you, what have you been up to this weekend, Friends?

Whatever you’ve been up too I hope you stayed safe.

Take care.


4 comments on “Day #73: A Bit Of Sam Neill

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    Sophie @BewareOfTheReader


    • Alex

      The best way to cheer everyone up, right, Sophie? 😛

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    Oh, that is hilarious! And I’m sure if my ‘phone could talk, it’d say those kinds of things. I almost never forget it, but…

    • Alex

      It really made me laugh, so I’m glad you found it funny too, Margot. And it resonates because it’s just the kind of thing you imagine your phone doing, chastising for being forgotten. 😂

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