Day #72: A Day To Be Positive

And, in being positive, I think I shall share some flower portraits instead of waxing lyrically about the corona virus, or feeling sorry for myself, or worrying about stuff that happens beyond my door. And concentrate on what I can control, and what makes me happy.

Baking, gardening, flowers, making things, creating art … these are the things, like sitting on the couch with my partner, on a Saturday morning, reading and just hanging out drinking home made lattes, that make me happy.

I can’t save the world, but I can make banana bread, and blancmange, and some of the best damn sticky rice pudding you are ever likely to taste! These are the things I can do. So today, I’ve repotted some plants. I’ve redone the soil (in preparation) of my flower boxes out on the balcony—my beloved balcony garden. With the hopes of being able to score some pretty flowers to grow, if not, I have seeds that I can start this week.

Especially as they’re predicting the weather is going to be hot and humid, with the occasional afternoon thundershowers. I might even drag my chair out onto the balcony and sit in the shade, and watch the world grow around me now the trees are turning green and copper, with vibrant colour. And watch the bees go about their business. And wallow in the soft sound of their humming.

These flower shots were all taken last July (during our holidays) in the University’s botanic gardens:

4 Comments Day #72: A Day To Be Positive

    1. AlexAlex

      If you ever do get the chance to come to Quebec City, Sophie, me and mine would be happy to treat you to the best Chez Alex can offer. I do a mean steak frit too! 😀

  1. AvatarMargot Kinberg

    I really like idea of concentrating on what we can control, rather than being obsessed with what we can’t control. Taking pleasure in the small things, like watching bees and making sticky rice pudding, is a healthy way, I think, to cope with what’s going on in the larger world

    1. AlexAlex

      It’s becoming my philosophy, Margot. Do they best I can with in my own sphere of influence. Whether it’s making dinner, to cleaning, to being creative, or, simply doing nothing, I need to embrace that, and leave the rest to sort itself out. I think it’s the only way most of us will get through this.


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