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Day #62: Dear Manufacturer


Could you please, please STOP putting hidden sugar and nasty tasing substitutes in your so-called sugar-free products. Sucralose is atrocious, and can be deadly to people suffering from diabetes as it can, in some cases, raise blood sugar levels!

I bought both your ‘sugar-free’ individual pots of peach cubes and mandarin oranges in water (not syrup) explicitly because you stressed these were natural, sugar-free products, and therefore intimated, were healthy choices for those of us not eating sugar.

Ha! You can tell yourself whatever you want, DelMonte, but these products are the most disgusting tasting food items I have eaten and tasted in a long, long time. Not only is the ‘flavouring’ nasty, but the fruit itself is verging on the point of disintegrating. Visually unappealing, nasty tasting, and all around a waste of money.

I will not be buying any of your products from here on in, whatever their provenance. Thanks, but no thanks.

Your sincerely,


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Exactly, Jonetta. All I could think of is someone trusting these companies and getting ill and not knowing why. It’s only a small number of people, but still, it’s unacceptable.

Sorry you had such a bad experience with that. Just goes to show that you have to be careful, even with truth-in-labels requirements. And those companies really need to start behaving responsibly.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, Margot. I try so hard to be able to have a variety in my diet, so we all rely on these companies to be truthful and not hide things in the tiny small print.

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