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Day #48: Listening to Experts

Seriously, I read an article this morning at breakfast, with so-called experts citing the US Food and Drug Administration stating it was unnecessary for people to wipe down delivery, or sanitise any groceries. Because, they assure us, there is absolutely no real risk of getting the virus this way. To quote:

We want to assure you there is currently no evidence of human or animal food, or food packaging being associated with transmission of the #COVID19.”

Please note the eye-rolling usage of the words ‘the #COVID19′, hashtag included. Bad English aside, there is nothing on this green earth that will make me believe in, or trust this institution ever again, given how trumpty has decimated these once lauded and deeply respected establishment. They’ve been gutted if not, eviscerated to the bone; like the CDC.

None of this is very reassuring, quite the opposite, in fact. So me and mine (discussing this) have no intention of changing the way we accept deliveries—leave them outside the apartment either on the floor (groceries are, after all, bagged) and packages on a small table we put out for this purpose.

We do bring them in afterwards, but leave them next to the front door. Packages are left 24 hours, for peace of mind, before being cursorily wiped. While important groceries (fridge/freezer items) are taken care of straight away. Soft fruit and veg, where at all possible, is rinsed under very hot water, and kitchen towelled dried. It has become routine, and far less stressful than the alternative.

This is because we are all too aware of what’s out there. And for our own peace of mind, given there are now two small pocket outbreaks in our vicinity: the hospital across the road—which has a long term care wing for the elderly, already has 19 dead. And upwards of 30+ more infected, including nurses and doctors. And next door to them, is a retirement condo complex, the Gibraltar. Who, we learned, have infected residents.

All way too close for comfort. So excuse me, if I wash my groceries and take precautions, I want our building to continue being COVID19 free. At least, as far as we know, there are no known cases within any building complex (six apartment blocks in total, all with underground tunnel access).

We also listened to an interview with the Chief Medical expert here, in Canada, Dr. Teresa Tam, warning people that we’ll be here, later this year when flu season rolls around, again, and that keeping our distance, and washing our hands regularly, habit for the foreseeable future, are key in the ongoing battle, not just against COVID19, but all highly infectious diseases including influenza.

This winter could end up being brutal.

So again, hope for the best but also, bear in mind, prepare for the worst, and stay informed from reliable sources.

Stay safe and take care.


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