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Day #46: Plan Ahead

As the days roll past, there’s one thing during this enforced stay at home that I am eternally thankful for, and that is, I got all my vaccinations updated last year. With the last shot for Shingles being administered earlier this year. Perfect timing? Maybe, maybe not.

What I do know is that I’m good to go with just about everything else Mother Nature might throw at me, right now, from yearly flu (shot done November) to hepatitis, tetanus/diphtheria, and shingles. And just to make a joke of it, I didn’t think I needed to update my cholera or typhoid shots at this time. Maybe I should have.

One thing’s for sure, as my mother said, I’m prepared for most eventualities. COVID19, however? Well, no one saw that coming…

Or, did they?

I have to ask that question, because this weekend, some of my reading material was research on infectious diseases—and epidemiology in general—something I’m looking into for an online project I’m writing about a colony based on Mars. How would they cope with an outbreak of say, the common flu?

Which, quite naturally, had me going down the rabbit hole, Alex in Research, reading up on Ebola, SARS and MERS to name a few. And it in turn led me to how these more virulent fast breading (and mutating) diseases are on the rise not just in Africa, South America, or China, but across the planet.

Anywhere and every time humans start to encroach too far into untouched areas (what’s left of any pieces of pristine jungle) or territories we haven’t fully explored (and thus, the implications of just what we might be unleashing) we disturb something that’s going to kill us dead. In that, we’re exposing ourselves to viruses and toxins that humans haven’t encountered before. And every time we do. The results are catastrophic … until, they’re not.

The only reasons we’ve over come so many deadly, virulent diseases is by diligent medical research, and WORLDWIDE vaccination programs.

Now, in the era of the ME ME society, and individuals who think the whole world revolves around their nombrils (belly buttons) we find ourselves treading in deep water and, on occasion, very hot water at that.

So while I’ve been looking ahead, and yes, preparing for what ifs in the way my mother would be proud of. Many who live in their own bubble that doesn’t include what happens elsewhere in the world, and probably, in truth, if I want to be really scathing here, don’t care either, are now reaping the rewards of their own base natures. Sadly, it is these small handful who are moaning the loudest about what the Government should be doing for them, while expecting those of us who plan and think ahead have to bare the weight of their selfish stupidity.

All of which, gave me the basis and foundation for how my own fictitious colony would cope and react to if an outbreak happened on Mars. First of all, they would be prepared. They would have a certain level of infection immunity built into the colony before hand. And they would most certainly have made provisions for having vaccines on hand for most contingencies.

So please, don’t be a ‘pantster’ be a ‘planner’, think wise, and think ahead where at all possible.

Stay safe out there and take care everyone.


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