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Day #42: Let’s Get Distracted

What do you do to distract yourself, and find a moments solace now we find ourselves staying at home, limited in going out, and worrying for family and friends?

Do you binge watch TV, listen to music or read more, or have you found yourself, like so many (it seems) baking bread or cakes, cookies, and other delicious goodies? From starting a sour dough to painting, learning a new language, or tackling a 4000 piece jigsaw, we’re all finding a way to enter into our bubble, far and away from the reality that’s going on around us, and have a few minutes of escapism.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We’d all go crazy pretty quick, and the stress levels would be unbearable otherwise. We humans need escape, as much as we need to sleep or to eat, or exercise. Though maybe we’re not as good at the last one as we should be. How we find that escape is as much about what makes us smile, happy, and or distracts us for a few stolen moments as anything. Regardless of living through a pandemic, we still need to enjoy an escape.

And so, me and mine, though neither of us can quite settle to read, have been binge watching TV (as regular readers of this blog will know) for some time now. But we have also tackled a couple of complicated jigsaws, and played a few board games, yes, even though there’s only the two of us. It’s one way we have found to share some quality time together, trouncing one another at Yahtzee or Scrabble.

Other distractions have been gaming together on the PS4, especially the Lego games, which I love. This is huge for me, because I don’t normally like or want to play violent games, but the violence in a Lego game is muted, while the humour of these little stubby characters, is captivating. Simply put, they’re fun.

And hey, who doesn’t want to be Batman or Iron Man, Black Widow or Wonder Woman for an afternoon? Exactly. But we also play more staid games, especially one on our iPad, which is a cooperative farm game called HAY DAY, that (as it turns out) we’ve actually been playing for nearly 10 years now.

This, of all the things I do throughout the day to distract myself when I feel anxious, has the most calming effect. Feeding your chickens, harvesting your crops, or going fishing might seem silly for a grown adult, but let me be the first to tell you, immersing yourself in something as simple as this, is balm for the soul.

Whatever distraction(s) you chose, make sure you have a few because, right now, flower arranging has a lot more appeal than braving a trip to supermarket for groceries, and I’d far rather feed my chickens, than face off with a self-absorbed jogger in the park, any day.

Stay safe where ever you are, and go start a farm, I highly recommend it.


4 replies on “Day #42: Let’s Get Distracted”

I am no gamer LOL But we’ve played UNO to distract my hubby as he became depressed at one point. I keep busy reading, taking pictures and making funko pops!

Oh, you already have one busy, busy schedule, Sophie. And it’s fun that you’ve found fun in creating the funko pop figures. They are such fun. Oh, and any game, whatever they are, help distract, especially if as you say, your hubby is depressed. It’s hard on everyone.

Ooo, I must check that one out. What platform do I need? And can I play it on my iPad? ☺️

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