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Daily Observations #1

You need toilet paper? We have toilet paper … shelves of it here, in both our local small corner store AND two pharmacies. No hoarding here! — #ToiletPaperPanic

2 replies on “Daily Observations #1”

I only shop every 14 days (you buy less things you don’t really need and ok I hate grocery shopping, my indecisiveness also plays up there and I spend way too much time looking at things), so I’m really hoping the shelves aren’t empty next weekend. I still have enough toilet paper so that’s not an issue (I hear it’s the same here) but I’ll really need food then. Fingers crossed.

Yeah, we usually buy all the big stuff once a month, and just small stuff once a week, like bread and milk. That way it’s quick and easy, and I can pop into the shop anytime to do that. It’s so much more convenient. So all this crazy stuff has me rolling my eyes. Besides, so far, people seem sane here, in our local area, there have been no sell-outs.

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