Curry•licious Chicken!

I threw together the best damn delicious curry I’ve ever made in, well, a very long time. Using just what I had in my larder. This included a packet of Pataks all ready cooked veggie lentil tikka masala, that I had been meaning to eat for a lunch. One lone small chicken breast that would, on its own, not be enough for a meal for two, but hey, I’m good at making a little go far. And a tin of Kim Phat’s premium coconut milk. Yes, the one with the full 18% fat content.

No skimping here, folks!

And, of course, I always have white long grain, jasmine, and basmati rices in my larder at all times. Along with any number of what I deem, my essential staples.

So, choosing the basmati rice. I did one cup full, and rinsed that thoroughly under cold water till the water was no longer cloudy. Thereby getting rid of as much starch as possible. Then I set that aside while I added 1 cup of the coconut milk to a saucepan, and half a cup of cold water and brought it to a roiling boil. At which point, I added the rice, put the lid back on, and turned the heat down to low (number 2 on my stove) and let it simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes. I switched the rice off, and set it aside for a further 10 minutes to steam.

Meanwhile, I chopped the lone chicken breast in small pieces, heated some oil in a non-stick frying pan, and browned the chicken. Then I emptied the contents of the Pataks’ sauce into the frying pan, stirred in the rest of the coconut milk and, on medium high, cooked everything for a few minutes. Then, turning the heat down to low, I let it simmer for a further 5-6 minutes.

Then it was just a case of fluffing the basmati rice with a fork, and serving that in heated bowls with the curry on top. Sadly, I didn’t have my usual horde of mini naans in the freezer, oversight on my part. But still, this turned out to be one of the best, creamiest mild curries I’ve had, well, as I said, in a long time.

Give it a go, you won’t be sorry. It was delicious!

4 Comments Curry•licious Chicken!

  1. AvatarJonetta (Ejaygirl) | Blue Mood Café February 11, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    Yum😋 You’ve given me ideas for dinner! Well done, Alexandra!

    1. AlexAlex February 11, 2021 at 3:45 pm

      Ha! Ha! Glad to be of help, and hope you enjoy whatever it is you throw together!

  2. AvatarKarina February 11, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    Looks absolutely delicious (and it probably smelled fabulous!)

    1. AlexAlex February 11, 2021 at 3:21 pm

      Oh, indeed, it smelled and tasted delicious, Karina! 😀

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