The Details

The site is hosted by those nice fellows over at A Small Orange, a wonderful company who amazingly always answer even my most bizarre queries and questions promptly and, all without the slightest snigger or hint of sarcasm.

The software of choice for this blog is WordPress , a personal publishing platform which incorporates a whole slew of themes and templates that plug-n-play. Great for people on the go or on their bikes.

For best results, (i) it is strongly advised you do not use windows, they steam up quickly, (ii) use a more suitable platform like Safari, Firefox or Chrome for a better browsing experience.

Layout & Design

The current template being used is ZUKI by Elmastudio of Germany.

Web Standards

Yes, we definitely have several of those laying around somewhere in a draw.


If you decide to sign up with A Small Orange, please take a moment to mention my name in the Referral section of the Sign-Up form, as this will result in my getting a free month of hosting. Thank you!