Day #69: Thinking of my Dad

My dad never really talked much, being a quiet guy who had already witness a lot of death by the time he retired. He had a peculiar habit of buying the RAF monthly newspaper to specifically read the Obits, and learn who of his old colleagues from the war years, had finally died. He always… Continue reading

Day #67: Mourning a Loss

Yesterday, while everyone played unawares in the park, outside to enjoy themselves in the warm spring sunshine, as we did, sitting on our balcony for about an hour. A tragedy befell the Canadian Snowbirds Aerobatic Display Team, in Kamloops, B.C. One of their aircraft, which were taking off in pairs and heading out to do… Continue reading

Day #66: New Growth

We’re actually into double digits here, today. With a high of 19 degrees at the moment. I think we’ve skipped the usual first part of spring, and gone straight to everything opening at once, and possibly heralding summer’s approach already. It’s been in the mid to upper twenties over in the prairies, while other parts… Continue reading

Day #64: Bank Holidays

We have a long weekend coming up this weekend, it is Victoria Day on Monday. Well, it is in all of Canada except here, in Québec, where they still rebel against Crown Rule and, in part but not all, seek to be a separate sovereign nation. Here it’s Patriots’ Day (Journée nationale des patriotes), in… Continue reading